How to Grow Fleawort (Broadleaf Plantain)

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Fleawort is also known as Broadleaf Plantain, Common Plantain, or Plantago Major). This plant is not related to the Banana-shaped fruit, also known as a Plantain. This leafy green can be found in places such as waste areas, paths, and lawns that receive full or partial sun. There are many varieties of Plantain but the Broadleaf is the best for eating.

Fleawort seeds are produced on the ends and sides of long, thin seed heads. When the seed head turns green to tan, gather them. Look for plants with wide leaves when choosing which plants to collect the seeds.

Planting Fleawort 

Spread the seeds on the desired area, tamp lightly, then cover it with a thin layer of fine mulch. Water should also be added to ensure a good crop. Spread a layer of mulch along the pathways between rows when you have prepared the garden for planting. This one can be planted immediately after the last frost. Spread the seed and then tamp it with a hoe. Then, add some mulch.

Soil and Site

This plant can grow in poor soil, and it can withstand being walked on repeatedly. It is best to plant it in between the plants that line the paths of the garden. It can be grown in many soil types, pH levels, and climates. There is no need to turn the soil before you plant if you are just growing greens. This plant can grow to be huge if you add composted manure and other fertilizer.

Fleawort Maintenance (Care Guide)


If you have a few of these plants, all you need to do is pick off the flower heads so they don’t turn into seedheads. You will see nice greens year after year because you have redirected the energy to the roots. Mulch them to stop other weeds growing.

Keeping Grass Low

To keep the grass low and prevent seed heads from growing, I use the lawn mower to run it over every now and again when it is being used for paths in the garden. I pick any seed heads that are low in number to keep them from growing again next year. This provides a safe path for walking on, which is easy to maintain after heavy rains and watering. It also shades the soil from the sun, keeping it from being baked by the sun during drought. To train your garden to grow lower, you can start mowing it when it returns in the spring. It is possible to plant the garden much easier if you leave it alone. Even when the soil is soaked, the soil stays put thanks to its fibrous roots.

Harvesting Fleawort

Only harvest young, small leaves for greens. This is not the place to use pathway plants. Only use the ones that you have left to grow upright.

How to Use Fleawort

The fresh, young leaves can be used raw in a salad. Although they are good tasting, you might not like the dry texture and chewy taste. It is a healthy, nutritious green when steamed, chopped up, and some in soups or other cooked foods. It is not a good green to eat by itself but can be used in combination with other greens or as an ingredient. The leaves must be immature and young, otherwise, they will become stringy.

It is great in food because it is soothing and can be used with hot dishes. Wash stringy leaves if you don’t have any. Then boil them in water until they are soft. You can then use the water to make spicy and hot meals.

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