Garden Zones and Microclimates in Organic Gardening

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Understanding your area’s different garden zones and microclimates in Organic gardening is essential. The garden zone is the classification system for determining which plants will grow best in other areas. Each zone has different microclimates, so it is essential to know which plants will do well. The garden zone will help you choose the right plants for your area.

Before you start to plan your garden or buy seeds, there are some things you need to know. This will help you make intelligent decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and maximize your chances of success.

Learn The Garden Zone You Are In

Before you buy seeds or begin planning your garden, you need to know what zone you are in. “planting zone,” “growing zone,” or “plant hardiness zone”) you live in. The garden zones are determined by climate and region. They help determine which plants can thrive and survive in each area. Knowing your garden zone will allow you to choose suitable plant varieties.

Knowing your garden zone will help you to determine the average first and last frost dates. This will then help you plan when you plant what. You can use Google to select your garden zone and what plants work best in that area.

You can visit your local feed or garden store for more information about your garden area.

Understand the Microclimates in Organic Gardening

Knowing your garden zone is essential, but it is equally important to understand your microclimates in organic gardening. A microclimate is just what it sounds like. It’s a small but stable climate that exists within your more significant climate or garden zone.

If you’re living in a zone where it is very hot, and therefore warm-weather plants are supported. If you’re living in a shaded area with temperatures that are slightly lower than your zone’s average could mean you can grow plants that thrive in cooler, shadier places.

You might be in a zone with very cold temperatures. However, a greenhouse or high tunnel can create a warmer microclimate that allows you to extend your growing season and grow plants that aren’t typically found in this area.

You can use natural microclimates or create them yourself. Understanding how they work will allow you to select the best varieties and broadest range of plants in your area. This will also help you extend your growing season so that you reap the maximum harvest.

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