Vivid Fence Plants To Cover Garden Walls

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While garden fences and other borders are important for privacy and shelter in a garden, they can also be used as a focal point of the space. It’s possible to transform fences from old to beautiful, walls from worn-out to fantastic, and your hedges, from infected to magnificent, with a little bit of care. It takes a little bit of knowledge and time.

Garden Fences

Keep in mind that garden borders will need some maintenance. It is important to give access to this. Timber fences need to be maintained every few years, but walls require minimal attention. Hedges would also need trimming at least once per year.

How To Choose Fence Plants To Cover Up Garden Walls

Grow Climbers Up Your Fence

Climbing plants such as honeysuckle, jasmine, clematis and roses can be easily added to fences or walls. You can attach wires to your fence or trellis, which climbing plants can use as support and into which you can tie stems as they grow. Clematis montana and rambling roses are good choices for fast-growing climbers. To fill in gaps between perennials, you can grow annual climbers such as morning glory or sweet peas. You don’t have to attach wires or trellis to your fence. Instead, you can choose self-clinging climbers like climbing hydrangea and ivy.

Plant A Hedge In Front Of Your Fence

Although this is not a viable option for the long-term, a thin hedge placed in front of your fence will increase its depth. It will provide additional protection against noise and wind as well as make your property more attractive and create a habitat for wildlife. Remember to trim your hedge once it is established.

Add Hanging Planters To Your Fence

Hanging pots and other planters can be a cost-effective way to hide a fence. This can be a great option for covering a fence in a rental home or waiting for slow-growing climbers. You can also recycle old containers and use gutters to grow low-rooted plants such as salad leaves.

Other Ways To Cover Up Boring Garden Walls

Paint Your Fence

If fences haven’t been maintained for a while they can look very unkempt. However, upgrades are quick and affordable. A quick coat of paint or stain can instantly revive a fence’s visual appeal. Bright colors make the space seem larger while lighter hues add interest. Darken your fence if you want it to disappear. You can use an emerald evergreen such as yew or dark paint that blends in with the shadows to make your fence disappear.

Plant A Border

A well-planned border that includes small trees and shrubs as well as tall herbaceous plants and perennials that are low-growing will add depth and interest to your garden and take the attention off your fence. For winter interest, add some evergreens and plants that are different in height. You won’t be seeing your fence over time.

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