Can You Grow Avocado in The UK? Tips To Grow An Avocado Plant

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Persea americana, Avocados, bear delicious fruits that are rich in healthy fats. Its Trees can grow up to 20m if they are given the right conditions. However, it is unlikely that avocados will thrive in the UK. Even though it is challenging to grow your own avocado tree in the UK, it is still a great house plant!

Avocado Tree

Can You Grow Avocado in The UK? 

Avocados require plenty of sunlight, warmth and moisture. They also can be attractive houseplants due to their large, glossy, and evergreen leaves. Growing avocado plants from supermarket-bought avocados as possible and all you have to do is place the stone in a container of moist compost, and wait for the shoots to emerge.

Grow Avocado Indoors

Although you might not be able to grow your own guacamole at home, it is possible to have some fun with horticulture. You can get fruit from your avocado plant by sourcing a cold-hardy variety. This will make it more suited to the UK’s growing conditions. You won’t get more than the average Hass avocado in your local supermarket.

How to Grow Avocado From Seed?

You can coax avocado stones to germinate by adding heat, moisture, and humidity. Use four toothpicks to poke the stone and then suspend it over a cup of warm water. Make sure that the stone’s base touches the water. After six weeks, roots will start to appear. You can use your avocado seed germinated to make a compost mixture that is peat-free.

Where to grow avocado if you grow it indoors

The seed can be left on a sunny windowsill, and you can pot it up once it starts to split. You can also pot the stone and water it well. Then, leave it to germinate in warm, dark places. It should be checked regularly to ensure it doesn’t dry. If you notice shoots on your plant, put it in a sunny place and water it regularly.

How To Take Care of Avocado Plants?

Once you have established your avocado seedling, place it in a large container so it can grow. Cut your avocado plant down to encourage bushy growth when it reaches 30cm in height. When the roots are visible from the bottom of your pot, pot on.

Avocados cannot withstand extreme cold so they should be kept indoors or in a greenhouse. You can grow your avocado plant outdoors if you have a warm area and a sheltered yard. You could even move it outside for the summer.

Regular Watering

Make sure to water your plants regularly and give them a liquid feed every two weeks during the growing season. If the conditions are right, avocado trees can bear fruit for up to ten more years. Avocados can be self-fertile. However, if it flowers, you will need to manually pollinate it in order to get fruit.

Harvest and Store Avocado Plants

If you are lucky enough to have some fruit, be sure to pick it at its full size and let it ripen in a warm, dry area for several weeks. Avocados can be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks.

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