Best Garden Wheelbarrow & Wheelbarrow Trolley Reviews

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The Best Garden Wheelbarrows
Wheelbarrow Trolleys

So, I hear you all ask, what is a hand-propelled vehicle? Well, the hand-propelled vehicle is a great friend of the gardener and is more commonly known as a barrow, wheelbarrow or even a wheelbarrow trolley and while its history is long and varied, the very first pictures of a man pushing a wheelbarrow can be dated all the way back to 118 AD in China, the fact they are still used today highlights how effective and important they are for carrying out jobs around a large garden or allotment.

History aside, a good wheelbarrow or wheelbarrow trolley makes it easy to transport garden waste, logs, soil, compost, shrubs, plants and gardening tools around the garden or allotment.

Wheelbarrows and wheelbarrow trolleys are not only exceptional at transporting big loads they are time efficient too, transporting multiple items in one go thereby cutting down on trips needed to transport goods in the garden or on the allotment if one had to do this by hand.

Today’s Best Wheelbarrows

The best wheelbarrows and wheelbarrow trolleys for the garden and allotment are available in many forms, there are one wheeled, two wheeled and four wheeled versions available and in a variety of materials – some are made from galvanised steel and some are a combination of a galvanised steel frame with a plastic or polypropylene hopper or pan.

Best Wheelbarrows and Wheelbarrow Trolleys Online – Our Picks

Whether you have in mind a traditional wheelbarrow or a wheelbarrow trolley, each have their advantages and disadvantages so, depending on your budget and needs let’s discover which wheelbarrow or wheelbarrow trolley suits your purposes best.

At the end of our guide, we’ll show you what we considered when it came to selecting the best garden wheelbarrows and wheelbarrow trolleys on the market today and what you should be looking for when it comes to making your decision to buy.

Table of Contents

DJM Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Garden Wheelbarrow

This no frills wheelbarrow from DJM is ideal for moving heavy loads in the garden or allotment.

It has a big 90 litre and 180 kg weight capacity and with its well sized 14 inch tyres is easy to move over a variety of terrains.

The sturdy all steel composition of this wheelbarrow is further enhanced with under pan support and easy grip handles make lifting and pushing comfortable and assured.

The DJM is self assembly and comes with fitting instructions. While relatively simple to follow can still be a little tricky to assemble.


Dimensions: 58cm x 88cm x 30cm
Weight: Approx. 15 kg (outside of drum only)
Capacity: 90 litre
Weight: 180 kg

Heavy Duty: Steel Frame
Wheels: Two
Tyres: 14″ Pneumatic
Handles: Easy grip


  • Excellent load carrying capacity – 180 kg
  • Pneumatic tyres for easy rolling over a variety of terrains
  • Easy grip handles for an assured hold


  • Can be a little tricky to assemble

VonHaus Garden Tipping Cart Dump Truck Wheelbarrow Trolley

Not one, not two but four wheels on the Vonhaus 75 litre tipping cart dump truck wheelbarrow trolley!

Boasting a 75 litre capacity, 250 kg static capacity and a 180 kg tipping capacity this wheelbarrow trolley is the perfect tool for transporting everything in your garden or on your allotment from general waste to soil, mulch, logs, gardening tools, plants and shrubs.

Well balanced with four large 10 inch diameter pneumatic wheels evenly located on each corner of the trolley aids smooth movement even over uneven ground.

The hub of this trolley is sturdy in design and features a robust steel frame that has been powder coated to prevent rust and chipping and supports a strong plastic hopper. The long 78cm push / pull handle gives easy front directional steering and manoeuvring abilities.

With a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty included, this trolley wheelbarrow does not disappoint.


Dimensions: 52cm x 110cm x 95.5cm
Weight: Approx. 14.9 kg
Capacity: 75 litre
Weight: 250 kg

Tipping Capacity: 180 kg
Wheels: Four
Tyres: 10″ Pneumatic
Warranty: 2 years


  • Strong Plastic Hopper – will not rust
  • Heavy Duty Frame – powder coated to prevent rusting and chipping
  • Exceptional balance & easy wheeling


  • Be Careful on Sloping Ground – The Trolley Has No Braking System and Can Roll

HOMCOM Garden Cart Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Trolley Wheelbarrow Tipper

The HOMCOM 75 litre heavy duty four wheel wheelbarrow trolley makes light work of transporting and unloading hefty loads in the garden and allotment.

The 70 litre and 200 kg capacity is well balanced, for most terrains, on its four 10 inch pneumatic wheels while the high strength poly hopper and steel frame give the HOMCOM 75 wheelbarrow trolley strength and stability.

The generous 970mm long handle bar can be adjusted to give comfort when pulling large loads while the EVA soft handle gives a soft and secure handling experience.

Assembly instructions are included although they may be a little difficult to decipher in some cases so be prepared to spend some extra time when assembling. Patience also required!

In conclusion, the HOMCOM 75 litre heavy duty wheelbarrow trolley will save you time when transporting heavy garden or allotment loads by reducing journeys needed due to its generous capacity while the patented dump release mechanism makes unloading simple and quick.


Dimensions: 103.5cm x 92.5cm x 51.0cm
Weight: Approx. 15 kg (outside of drum only)
Capacity: 75 litre
Weight: 200 kg

Tipping Capacity: 150 kg
Wheels: Two
Tyres: 10″ Pneumatic Wheels
Patented: Dump load mechanism


  • Excellent tipping capacity
  • Strong Plastic Hopper – is light and durable and will not rust
  • Strong Plastic Hopper – is light durable and will not rust
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame – powder coated to prevent rusting and chipping
  • Exceptional balance


  • Time & patience required! Assembly instructions a little unclear

Yelding Wheelbarrows Puncture-Proof wheels wheelbarrow

Is this the Rolls Royce of wheelbarrows? It’s well made, looks great and comes with a special price tag. However, this is no ordinary wheelbarrow. The Yelding 200 litre wheelbarrow has a fantastic 200-litre capacity and manages 265 kg loads, is super sturdy with twin puncture-proof wheels while a large UV protected poly hopper on an extra-strong galvanised steel frame helps keep the overall weight down and is rust resistant.

This wheelbarrow is at home in the garden or on the allotment and because of its fantastic capacity will cut down the number of trips needed to transport lumbering loads from one location to another. The anti-slip hand grips ensure confident handling and the addition of a tipping bar allow for easy tipping.

In conclusion, if the above credentials of the Yelding 200 litre wheelbarrow have still to convince you of its qualities then perhaps this will, the wheelbarrow is super easy to assemble – it comes boxed and fully assembled so you can take straight from the box to the garden or allotment and put to work immediately – and that definitely appeals to us.


Dimensions: 150cm x 90cm x 86cm
Weight: 20 kg
Capacity: 200 litre
Weight: 265 kg

Strong: UV Protected Poly Hopper / Pan
Wheels: twin puncher proof
Handle Grips: Anti slip


  • Extra strong galvanised steel frame
  • Good stability, balance and easy wheeling
  • Easy tipping bar for easy unloading
  • Comes fully assembled


  • The price tag might put some people off

Why Should I Buy a Garden Wheelbarrow or Wheelbarrow Garden Trolley?

Anyone working in a large garden or on an allotment will benefit from a good wheelbarrow or wheelbarrow trolley for moving both large and small items, heavy or light, from one location to another in a time efficient way.

The best wheelbarrows and wheelbarrow trolleys become an invaluable work-mate and makes it easy for the user to move anything from garden waste, plants, shrubs, compost, soil, wooden logs and garden tools from one location to another in the garden or on the allotment.

The worst ones though will create more work for the individual because it just will not be up to the task it was bought to do.

What Are The Most Common Types of Wheelbarrows and Wheelbarrow Trolleys?

A Single Wheel Wheelbarrow

This type of wheelbarrow is the more common or traditional type of wheelbarrow that we know and love.

They are designed for easy manoeuvring when transporting light to medium loads around the garden or allotment. They can however, be a little unstable and good upper body strength is required to lift and push the wheelbarrow as well as keeping it from tipping to one side especially when heavier loads are being moved.

The Two Wheeled Wheelbarrow

This type of wheelbarrow is becoming more popular due to its increased stability over that of the one wheel wheelbarrow.

Because of the two wheels, the two wheeled wheelbarrow is much more comfortable with heavy loads and is best when negotiating rough and uneven ground.

The Wheelbarrow Trolley / Garden Cart

Not one, not two but four wheels are found on a wheelbarrow trolley or garden cart.

The four wheels give the best balance while aiding smooth movement over uneven ground.

In general, all wheelbarrow trolleys come with a push / pull handle attached to the front of the trolley allowing the user to push or pull garden and allotment loads from one location to another.

Wheelbarrow Materials – Let’s Debate Plastic versus Steel versus Wood


  • Is lightweight and can handle light loads as well as reasonably excessive loads
  • Multiple hopper size options
  • Risk of cracking from extreme hot and cold weather temperatures if left outside exposed to the elements


  • Can be reasonably heavy but is more adept at handling heavy loads
  • Steel hopper is strong and tough and better suited to more abrasive loads such as rubble
  • Will need regular maintenance as the steel hopper will rust if not cleaned and dried after use or if left outside and exposed to the elements for long periods of time.


  • Once upon a time all wheelbarrows were made from wood but as technology advanced, steel and plastic wheelbarrows took over and are now the main choice for all gardening and allotment work. Wooden wheelbarrows tend to be for more decorative and display purposes these days

Wheelbarrow Tyres – Pneumatic versus Solid


The pneumatic tyre works exactly like a bicycle tyre and can be tubeless or have an inner tube. Either way the tyre will need air to inflate it.

Pneumatic tyres ensure a smooth ride across soft, rough and uneven ground. However, they can be prone to puncturing if rolled over glass and thorny waste. They can also lose pressure over time so tyre pressures should be checked on a regular basis.


The solid tyre is not really a tyre but a solid rubber ring pressed onto a wheel. The one main advantage of this type of tyre is that it is puncture proof and, therefore, cannot go flat.

However, because of the solid construction, the ride is less smooth and there can be a tendency for the wheel to sink in soft ground.

Key Considerations When Buying a Garden Wheelbarrow or Wheelbarrow Trolley

Number of Wheels: One, two or four wheels ?– The choice of wheelbarrow or wheelbarrow trolley will be determined by size of loads regularly transported, ground that one is working on and one’s own ability to lift or push a wheelbarrow laden filled with garden paraphernalia

Material: Steel or Plastic – both have their advantages and disadvantages but if weight is your key priority then plastic should have the edge

Load Capacity – Steel and plastic can both carry decent loads but be mindful of one’s own strength and ability to lift or push relatively large loads

Handle Length: – Long handles will make for easier lifting or pulling of the wheelbarrow / wheelbarrow trolley

Handle Grips – Cushioned and well fitted handle grips will give a more comfortable and assured handling experience

Dimensions – The wheelbarrow or wheelbarrow trolley will need to fit through all spaces in the garden or on the allotment. Think shed doorways and gates

Height – It’s always a good idea before buying a wheelbarrow to ensure that its legs do not touch the ground when holding while standing in an upright position with straight arms

Tyres Type – Pneumatic or solid, it’s is, of course, your decision and will be determined by the type of ground you will be mostly working on and travelling across. If particularly uneven where sharp stones can tear into the tyre then wheelbarrows with a puncture proof wheel might be top of your list of considerations

Manufacturer’s Warranty – The wheelbarrow manufacturer may offer a warranty and these are always worth considering as a warranty can give some peace of mind should one encounter problems and especially if one has bought wheelbarrows or wheelbarrow trolleys at the higher end of the price bracket?


Finding the best wheelbarrows or wheelbarrow trolleys to suit your needs should be a fun task.

Please take time to consider your needs, research the market using our handy list of considerations for selecting the best wheelbarrows and wheelbarrow trolleys. One wheel, two wheels, four wheels, wheelbarrows with a puncture proof wheel, a metal wheelbarrow, wheelbarrows with a polypropylene pan, self assembly and easy to put together wheelbarrows, fully assembled wheelbarrows; they all have their advantages and disadvantages but all do the job of transporting loads around the garden and allotment.

With plenty of choice on the market, your final decision may simply come down to budget available.

We hope this guide into the Best Garden Wheelbarrows and Wheelbarrow Trolleys has been an interesting read and provided you with useful advice to help you choose the right wheelbarrow or wheelbarrow trolley that is right for you and your needs.

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