The Best Bulb Planters To Grow Your Garden

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You can use a bulb planter to add bulbs to your plants to bring spring and summer interest. They can be handheld or long-handled bulb planters with a hollow tapered cone that removes soil cores to make a hole for the bulb. The core can be easily removed and replaced over the bulb after it has been planted. It depends on which design the planter is.

A bulb planter is a great way to avoid disturbing soil and makes it easier to plant bulbs at the correct depth. Many planters have measurements on the sides to help you determine the best depth.

What Are The Different Types Of Bulb Planters?

A hand-held bulb planter is not suitable for those who are unable to bend or plant on their knees. However, it can be used to plant a few bulbs in borders and beds.

A long-handled, ergonomic planter is a great tool to help you get the job done without straining your back.

How To Choose The Best Bulb Planter?

What Are Bulb Planters?

Many bulb planters are made of stainless steel, carbon, or boron and have a coating to protect against corrosion. This will prevent soil from sticking to the planter and allowing it to fall back into its hole easily. The base can be easily pushed into the ground with a carbon steel planter. Metal is durable and strong.

You may need to adjust the handle width if you have larger hands. If your soil is particularly sticky or crumbly, a trigger-release bulb planter will be able to hold the core in place until it is released.

What Are You Planting?

There are many sizes available for bulb planters, and some have been specifically designed to fit particular bulbs. Bulbs are usually planted at two to three times their depth. Make sure you consider this when choosing a planter.

Where Are You Planting?

You will need the right type of planter depending on what kind of soil you are planting. A planter with a rounded base is better for soil that is hard or stony. Wide foot treads on long-handled planters will allow you to apply force if necessary to get the planter in the ground.

How To Use Bulb Planters

It may be beneficial to water the soil the night before if it is hard or compacted. Use a bulb planter that is handheld to push the soil down. Twist and rock as you go, until you reach the desired depth. The soil should be removed and the bulb placed with its pointed tip upward.

Planters that have been used for a long time are pushed into the ground with the feet. The soil core can be tapped out, or it will pop out when you make your next hole.

Five Of The Best Bulb Planters

Gardena Bulb Planter


  • Lightweight and comfortable

  • Release trigger is easy and smooth

  • Long, straight head

  • Useful for long-term use

This sturdy, well-designed hand planter is easy to use. It has a coating on its head to prevent soil sticking to it and reduce corrosion. The handle is wide and comfortable, so it suits smaller hands as well as larger hands. You can open the head easily with one finger unlike other hand-held planters. This planter is perfect for small-scale plantings because it has a serrated edge and depth markings up to 15cm.

Wolf Garten Bulb Planter with Fixed Handle


  • Simple and light

  • Solid and substantial

  • Simple trigger handle


  • Only two depth markings

This hand-held planter has a stainless steel head with a plastic trigger handle. It is very similar to other models, but it feels extremely robust. The trigger handle also opens the head quickly and smoothly. It features a serrated edge that slides into the soil, and two depth markings of up to 10cm.

B & Q Bulb planter


  • Lightweight and comfortable

  • Clear depth markings

  • Great value


  • Stiff trigger

  • It feels a bit fragile

This simple hand-held bulb planter has a stainless steel head with a serrated edge and depth markings up to 10cm. Although the handle is plastic, it has a small grip detail and a spring trigger that releases the soil core. However, the top of this planter is quite stiff.

Kent & Stowe Long Handled Bulb Planter


  • Comfortable, shaped handle

  • Wide foot treads

  • Many useful features include a serrated base

  • Strong and sturdy

This stainless steel and FSC-ash planter is well-designed and made to last. It has a serrated base that allows it to penetrate the ground and depth markings for precise planting. There are also wide foot treads that make it easier to apply pressure when necessary. It is sturdy, comfortable and perfect for naturalizing lawn bulbs.

Fiskars Xact Standing Bulb Planter


  • There is no need to bend or kneel

  • The back is light and comfortable

  • It is simple to use


  • Expensive

  • No depth markings

This well-designed tool makes it easy to plant. It is great for people with back problems or naturalizing repetitive planting. Three simple steps can help you finish the job. It is made from aluminum and fiber composite and is light but not too heavy. Also, it lacks depth markings so larger bulbs such as daffodils or tulips are best.


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