Adzuki Beans Growing Conditions and Harvesting

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Adzuki beans growing in most soils with a neutral pH will grow well. These plants love rich, loamy soil with good drainage. Like other legumes, these Japanese red bean plants fix nitrogen in the soil. Gardeners should not use fertilizer but instead, add organic compost to the garden. A fertile soil rich in nitrogen will yield bushy plants that have few beans.

Adzuki Beans Growing in Containers

Because of their bushy and non-climbing nature, Adzuki beans make a great container plant. To allow roots to spread, use a large planter box or barrel.

If the container is too small, the plants may become root bound and die. A great place to grow adzuki bean plants is a large wooden barrel or planter container with good drainage. To prevent disease, you can also use sterilized potting soil.

Proper Lighting & Temperature

Adzuki plants prefer to grow in sunny areas with temperatures between 75-90 degrees. The adzuki plants will tolerate higher temperatures than cold weather. Avoid planting adzuki beans near shade as they will not produce enough flowers, leading to lower yields.


These tropical beans love moist soil but can get root rot if they are overwatered. Allow water to soak slowly into the soil at the base of your adzuki bean plants. Most regions only require watering once a week. Adzuki beans plants in hot or arid regions may require daily watering.

When to Harvest Adzuki Beans Growing in Your Garden

Adzuki beans take a long time to grow and should be harvested within 90 days of sprouting. Some varieties that are late maturing may take longer than 120 days before they fully mature. You can dry Adzuki bean pods on the plant and let them rattle in the pod to shell beans. These beans are what you need to make Anko red bean paste. When the beans are still green, harvest them and use them in fresh recipes.

Storage Strategies

The pods can be collected from the adzuki beans plant during the growing season. Keep them in an airtight container away from direct sunlight. The entire plant should be cut and dried in a cool, dry location.

To extract the beans, open the pods. Each pod contains seven to ten small red beans. Keep them in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. They should be kept for at least one calendar year.

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