10 Most Popular Plants For Landscaping

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Many of our clients are curious about the most popular landscaping plants and whether they would work in their gardens. Our landscaping experts have compiled a list of 10 top-rated plants that are easy to care for and can be used as decoration in any garden, no matter how small or large.


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The Aucuba plant is one of the most hardy and popular shrubs for landscaping. These easy-to-care plants are resistant to dry soil, pollution and full shade. They can also withstand coastal conditions. 

The beautiful decorations of large, glossy leaves are made by the red berries produced by female Aucuba plants in autumn. Aucuba should be planted in shaded areas of your garden, as well as in contrast with other foliage plants.


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This is a popular choice for landscaping because of its abundance of flowers. Camellia is a variety of plants that includes between 100 and 300 species, as well as a number of hybrids. 

Camellia is an evergreen shrub that produces flowers in spring and autumn, depending on which type you choose. Plant them in a shaded area in your garden. If you have Camellia sasanqua, you should plant it in full sun because it thrives in this type of sunlight.

Camellia plants should be kept well-watered throughout the summer, as this is when Camellia produce next year’s flower buds.

Creeping Thyme

Creeping Thyme is a great choice for garden borders and driveways. These perennials are low-growing and hardy, making them a good choice for honeybee-focused gardens. Creeping Thyme is a popular evergreen shrub that spreads quickly and can be eaten.


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Daphne plants are a popular choice for landscaping and require very little pruning. You should give the roots plenty of mulch each spring and fall to protect them. 

Daphne is a beautiful plant that produces stunning flowers. However, it can be toxic if eaten, and the sap could cause skin and eye irritation.


Fatsia, another evergreen shrub, can survive in harsh conditions. It will thrive in shady areas and coastal conditions. Fatsia can withstand temperatures up to -10°C and should be able to survive British winters. 

They are easy to care for because they are rarely affected by pests or diseases. This plant is recommended to anyone who just got started in gardening or has limited time or space.


Holly is a well-known shrub that has dark green leaves and glossy leaves. Brightly coloured berries, which are rich in food for birds in winter and attractive for bees in spring, are great for the environment. 

Holly species need to be planted in slightly acidic, rich soil that has been previously amended with organic matter. For better berry production, most Hollies can survive in partial shade. In early spring, most Hollies need to be pruned to remove any broken or unwanted branches. Visit our website to learn more about Holly pruning.


Many modern gardens are home to Hosta. These perennials are a popular choice for gardens in urban areas where air pollution is high. These large, green, and gold leaves look great with Astilbe or bleeding heart flowers.

As border plants, we recommend planting Hostas with plants that have colourful flowers like Impatiens, Foxgloves, or Golden Shrimp Plant.


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Lavender (Lavandula), a well-known and easily grown garden plant, can be grown in a British backyard. Officially, Lavender is a Mediterranean native and will thrive in a sunny spot in your garden with well-drained soil.

English lavender is a good choice due to the British’s cooler climate. It is also worth considering planting lavender in containers that have a shelter, or in pots that can be moved inside in winter.


Nigrescens is a great choice for driveway borders. This mondo grass is great for creating large turfs and arching. The leaves of these rabbit and deer-resistant plants can grow to a length of 15-20 cm. 

The evergreen perennial is adaptable to a wide variety of conditions and can withstand drought and salt. Nigrescens is suitable for planting in urban and coastal gardens, gravel gardens, and driveways.


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The Sedum plant is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a plant that is resistant to disease and drought. Sedum plants are very popular in modern gardens due to their tolerance for all types of soil. 

Sedum plants require very little care and attention to keep them in top shape. You can choose from over 400 Sedum species with many variations if you decide to purchase one of these Stonecrops. Plant them in areas of your garden that are sunny and/or receive very little water.

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