How to Grow Asparagus Plant from Seed – The Ultimate Guide

how to grow asparagus from seed

Here is a post that could encapsulate a long term commitment to Real Men Sow and my garden. I am attempting to grow asparagus from seed. This is one of two growing projects that I will be blogging about in the next few days, both of which will take four or so years before I can call them successful.

I want to make these post dynamic, updating, and adding as things happen. Of course, that might mean that the post dies with the seedlings, or it may be a glorious four-year journey from seed to homegrown asparagus dinner.

Why Should You Grow Asparagus Plant From Seed?

To Learn

I have asked myself why am growing from seed when I could buy year-old crowns, but having that extra time to decide where the asparagus bed will go is useful. Being my first season in a smaller space, I need to understand my space and not make too many enduring commitments.

For example, asparagus’s deep root system will play a big role in determining its final position, as will the heaviness of the soil and where the sun falls.

To Save Money

Cost is also a factor, but more so is a sudden enjoyment of taking things slower. Having my veg patch in my garden has bred a feeling of building something over time that is mine. I don’t mind starting from scratch and taking a while over growing my asparagus.

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