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Sunday Update No 2 – Harvesting Tomatoes, and Watching Out For Blight!


This week has been all about tomatoes!

After waiting patiently for the fruits to turn that lovely ripe red colour, I’ve finally been able to start harvesting my Moneymakers and the big old Marmande beefsteaks.

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The Real Men Sow Sunday Supplement 1


Last week, I posted about trying to find the time to write some decent blog posts now Lewis is a walking, talking bundle of energy who will shortly be joined by a new sibling.

In concluded that my plan for the next few months is to try publishing a slimmed-down Sunday version of Real Men Sow – with all the usual growing tips and anecdotes, but more of a weekly digest of what’s happened on the plot, jobs for the next week, links to previous posts where I’ve covered relevant stuff and anything else that’s tickled my fancy that week.

So, without further ado, here’s my first Real Men Sow Sunday update. It doesn’t have a proper name yet, but I’m working on that. My brain is fried from decorating, so any ideas are greatly appreciated. For now, the working title is the Sunday Supplement. I hope you find it useful.


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A (Sort of) New Look for Real Men Sow

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Well, 5 weeks or so until the birth of my second child. I’m not really sure where the time has gone!

What I do know however, is that the time hasn’t always gone on this blog.

Before Lewis was born, I’d find myself blogging 3 – 4 times a week. I loved it. I’d pop back from the allotment, and put my thoughts in a post. Some nice people (and not just my mum) began to read it, via Twitter and web forums.

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About Real Men Sow

meIn 2007, I took on a redundant allotment plot with my gardening-mad mum Jan. As all good mums do, she went along with it, but I don’t think she held out much hope.

However, three years on, and she now lets me do stuff without watching over my shoulder, so I must be doing something right. [ read more ]

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Saving £500 a year!

During 2011, I kept a diary of how much money I save from growing my own fruit and vegetables. After totalling all my outgoings, I saved approximately £500 over the year. I made a spreadsheet to calculate these savings - it’s nothing too complicated, as I’m no Excel guru, but hopefully someone else will find it as useful (and strangely fun) as me. For more info, visit my Money Saving Experiment page by clicking here.


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