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The Real Men Sow Plot Plan 2015


This week, I finally got around to planning 2015’s veg patch.

Normally, I do this in bleak mid-winter, curled up in front of the fire with my seed packets and a batch of new seed catalogues.

For one reason or another, I’ve fallen behind this year and my plan has been produced against a slightly warmer, lighter backdrop. Designing my plan during Spring, when I’ve already sown some seeds, has been an odd feeling but nice at the same time.

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5 Tips for Growing Veg in Small Spaces


I’m a little late to the party this year, but I’m finally getting round to planning my plot. I’ve been out with the tape measure, double checking the size of my space before stealing Lewis’s coloured pencils to draw up my 2015 masterpiece.

I love plot planning, especially now I have a smaller kitchen garden rather than my big double rod allotment plot. Using a smaller space takes a bit of thinking, but is a really rewarding challenge – especially come high summer and your little growing area is not only beautiful, but far more productive you ever thought possible.

I’m now in my third year of garden growing. Here are my 5 favourite tips for maximising your veg growing yields in a small space.

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Harvesting Big Fat Leeks During the Hungry Gap


Just when I thought there aren’t enough reasons to love leeks, here’s another one for you.

If like me, you’re struggling for plot goodies during the Hungry Gap, then you might also appreciate the fantastic contribution leeks can make to the March time dinner table.

A few seasons ago, I had a few leek seedlings hanging around towards the end of Spring. I’d already planted out the ones I thought I needed for the Winter, and these were surplus to requirements.

Or so I thought.

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About Real Men Sow

meIn 2007, I took on a redundant allotment plot with my gardening-mad mum Jan. As all good mums do, she went along with it, but I don’t think she held out much hope.

However, three years on, and she now lets me do stuff without watching over my shoulder, so I must be doing something right. [ read more ]

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Saving £500 a year!

During 2011, I kept a diary of how much money I save from growing my own fruit and vegetables. After totalling all my outgoings, I saved approximately £500 over the year. I made a spreadsheet to calculate these savings - it’s nothing too complicated, as I’m no Excel guru, but hopefully someone else will find it as useful (and strangely fun) as me. For more info, visit my Money Saving Experiment page by clicking here.


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