The Story of Real Men Sow

Catching up on a few blogs this week, I stumbled across some bloggers posting the stories behind their blog names.

As far as I can see, this originated over at Garden Faerie’s blog and have read some very nice posts by VP at Veg Plotting and Helen at the Patient Gardener, I thought I’d join in.

I’d like to be able to regale with a wonderful and interesting story of how Real Men Sow came to be, but like most useful and purposeful decisions in my life, the good lady wife was behind it.

I’d decided I wanted to blog about my allotment but was really struggling to find a name I liked. I wanted something to fit the vision I had for the blog: cheery, catchy, and good humoured, to reflect the feeling I enjoyed when working at the plot.

My initial title, Plot 105, didn’t quite cut it, but fortunately for me, Ailsa piped up with Real Men Sow. It fitted the bill perfectly, and my blog was up and running.

Some people have asked if the blog title is a double entendre. In fact, one reader, who shall remain nameless, reckons one of their favourite things about RMS is the dodgy double entendres that she reckons are common in my posts!

I’ve got to say that that if there are any running through the prose, I certainly don’t mean them, but if you do spot one, please let me know!

I’ve always wanted to blog, and have started loads in the past, but never continued with them. I’ve set up blogs on fishing, village life, and riding bikes, amongst other things, but this is the first one that’s felt ‘right’.

I reckon that being happy with the name this time has played a big part in me persevering with Real Men Sow. If anyone’s thinking about starting a blog I’d definitely recommend spending some time making sure you’re happy with your name too.

I reckon the right name makes a big difference and provides an exciting buzz every time you access your site.

6 thoughts on “The Story of Real Men Sow”

  1. I always like the insights this kind of post brings and yours in no exception. As you know my name was a snap decision – your more considered approach (and using wifely ideas!) is wise advice.

    Congratulations on doing so well in the Horticultural Channel awards 🙂

  2. It was good reading how your blog name came about. Similarly mine came from my other half as well. Good job too because I was struggling with a name.

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