Organic Multi-Purpose Compost for Gardening and Soil Care

cutting down on multipurpose compost

Apologies for a rather belated £5 a Month Veg Plot March update. I’ve not been hiding another massive overspend, honest. Well, maybe a little bit…

I did actually keep within my budget his month, except for one costly but essential item: multipurpose compost.

When I started growing veg, I remember my mum telling me I’d get through bags and bags of compost and she’s been proved absolutely right. I like to use peat-free multi-purpose compost, but this can be expensive. For example, I’ve already spent £12 on two small bags this year, and I’ve not really got underway with seed sowing.

Making My Own Potting Compost

Subsequently, I want to cut down on my use of multipurpose compost. To do this, I’m trying a few new ideas, including making some of my own (pictured).

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