Cat’s Basket

In 2009, Jessica and Lucas established Woofs & Purrs intended for every pet owner, caretaker, and trainer living in Washington, D.C. Cat’s Basket is proud to have their animal lovers and experienced team, Alessa Stark, Valencia Ken, and Clark Foster. Cat’s Baskets offers a wide range of pet-friendly and cat-friendly garden products and services that are enjoyable, comprehensive, and convenient for your pets. Cat’s Basket’s top-of-the-line pet products and grooming tools provide comfort, fun and premiere grooming services.  They aim to deliver the greatest quality modern veterinary care for pets in a stress-free environment. 

Sport Pet Designs Foldable Travel Cat Carrier Review 

Sport Pet Designs Foldable Travel Cat Carrier is a fantastic cat carrier for frequent travelers, especially on airlines. Aside from its functionality, the stylish design will make you look extravagant during trips.  The huge door opening makes the product unique. Cats find a big open space inviting where they can sleep and lounge. Most other carriers have considerably smaller openings, so you have to force your cat through, as they are unlikely to stroll in.  The soft material carrier is safe for your cat and provides enough airflow for them. It offers your kitties a sense of security and peace.  

The overall design is simple and easy for you and your cat or kitten to use. It has a large design and excellent quality latches and doors. It’s easy to use and convenient to store.  Sport Pet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier will not block your pet’s view, which avoids tension and anxiety when being moved.  

Cat Hairballs – Everything You NEED to Know! 

A cat’s nature is to groom continually to protect and care for its fur. It’s not just for physical beauty and neatness, but a well-kept coat is also beneficial to their health. Cat’s skin is protected from harm, sunburn, and hypothermia by their fur. Cooling and antibacterial effects are provided by their saliva when it’s hot. 

Why do cats have hairballs?

Your cat’s tongue has hundreds of tiny barbs designed to catch dead and loose hair during grooming. A good portion of the fur your cat has consumed is likely to travel through their digestive tracts and be expelled in their feces.  Those hairs, which are not easily digested, can begin to stick to other stomach contents such as saliva, undigested food and gastric secretions and the hairball is formed. Cat hairballs lead to irritation and vomiting.  If your cat is unable to vomit or deposit the hairball in the litter box, they could be in serious danger. Hairballs can cause cats to choke, and in extreme situations, surgery may be necessary to remove a hairball obstruction. 

How to remove cat hairballs from your cat?

Remove some of the loose hair from your cat’s coat to help prevent hairballs. Brushing your cat at least once a week is ideal.  Using de-shedding equipment, like the Furminator, is convenient to remove pet hair in a single grooming session. Eliminating cat hair is made easier by the use of lubricants.

Cat hairball lubricants are available from pet retailers and veterinarians. In a tube, they are sweetened to entice cats to eat them. You can use this hairball remedy to help your cat’s digestive system pass through the hairball. Certain cat meals have been specifically formulated to help manage cat hairballs. The fiber in hairball cat food aids in hair movement through the digestive system.