winter veg survival update

Winter Veg Survival Update

Back in December, I wrote a terribly naff post about my winter veg, and what I thought might live through the snow. I gave each veg a slightly embarrassing Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive Rating and made a meek apology about it being probably the worst post since Real Men Sow’s inception.

Anyway, this Saturday felt very spring-like, and surveying my plot, I remembered the rubbish post and thought that despite the misguided structure, there might be worth in a survival update now the worst of the weather has gone.

Onions and Garlic
I originally gave my onions and garlic a GG Survival Rating of just 4 out of 10. Fearing the worst, I said I’d take my hat off to them if they made it through. I’m delighted to report that these tough little monkeys are now flourishing and I reckon I’ll be pulling them up within the next couple of months. I don’t normally wear hats as I look a berk, but I’ll be wearing one come harvesting day, and it’ll be suitably dipped to my garlic and onions crop.

Beetroot and Carrots
As I thought, the beetroot was a goner and was pulled out of the ground a few weeks back, but I left my GG-Survival-Rated-7 carrots in, under some fleece (see picture, of some slightly bendy but perfect condition carrots I dug up Saturday). This has kept them in really good condition, and sure beats storing in the sand, which is what I did last year. What’s more, some of my late sowings actually seem to have grown too.

Winter veg survivalCurly Kale
The curly kale is just immense, and I love it to pieces. I’ve been picking bagfuls of the stuff all winter, and the bushy green leaves keep on coming. It has fully justified its survival rating of 10, and the stems have even started to spurt new growth (pictured).

Winter Salad Experiment
My winter salad experiment didn’t quite work – the mizuna gave up the ghost not long after the snow, and the mixture of serifon, green in snow, and more mizuna has grown very, very slowly. However, it hasn’t died and has instead sort of overwintered, growing noticeably now the days are that bit longer. I reckon I’ll be tucking into fresh, peppery early salads in a couple of week’s time.

So, with further apologies to Gloria Gaynor, it seems my veg grew strong, learned how to carry on. It will survive, it will surviiiiiiiiiive.

Sorry, I won’t do this again.

2 thoughts on “Winter Veg Survival Update”

  1. Our onions and garlic are both fine – even starting to grow. We lifted sacks full of beetroot and carrots (sown by previous allotment tenant)just before the hard frost. The savoy cabbage and turnips there have died – which surprises me as I thought these were supposed to be winter hardy. Had broad beans growing under a cloche and most of these have died – won’t try autumn sowing again!

  2. Hi Mary.

    Surprised about the cabbage, normally they’re as tough as old boots.

    My broad beans died over the winter too. Not convinced by outdoor over wintering at the moment. Not sure about you, but everything I plant early spring seems to catch up with the autumn sowings anyway.

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