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Best Hearty Winter Salads Recipes

Green in Snow, what a great name for a vegetable!


It jumped out at me when I was looking through the Tamar Organics seed catalogue for some hardy oriental veg that might keep me in salad all through the winter.

If something called Green in Snow can’t do this, then surely nothing can.

Add Gis to your Salad

What is Gis?

GiS is hot Chinese mustard, and according to Tamar, frost hardy. Another resilient Chinese green is Serifon; ‘slightly pungent,’ with ‘broad green leaves’ and ‘jagged margins’. Not sure what jagged margins are, but it sounds good to me.

I added a pack each of these to my basket, together with some Mizuna, which I grew last year. This was only killed off by the snow, and the mid-winter peppery leaves kept me in my fiance Ailsa’s good books for ages.

Where to add Mizuna?

I’ve already got Mizuna growing in a container on the plot (pictured), and radicchio too, which also lasted until the white stuff came. With luck, this will see me in November, but I’m determined to indulge in fresh leaves right through the winter. According to Garden Organic’s really handy new winter salads leaflet (part of their One Pot Pledge campaign) a well-lit doorstep or windowsill makes this possible when it really does get nippy.

Finding either of these in a cosy but shady mid-terrace with a north-facing garden is one flaw in my plan. Getting herbs to grow indoors in Spring was challenge enough, but hey, us grow your owners are an eternally optimistic bunch

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