when is a good time for an allotmenteerist to go on a holiday

When is a Good Time For an Allotmenteerist to Go On Holiday?

So, I’m on holiday for a week. Lewis is enjoying his first camping experience proper, but I can’t help wondering about my veg patch whilst away.

This is something that happens when I holiday during the Summer. I begin to ponder what I’ll come back to. Will my tomatoes have finally ripened? Or will they just get blight because I haven’t cut the foliage back and I’ve planted them too close together?

Will there be any raspberries left? Are my butternut squashes ready to harvest?

When is a good time to go on holiday?
I’ve often wondered when is a good time for an allotmenteerist to go on holiday. The obvious answer is winter, but persuading Ailsa to take a camping trip in the middle of January is tricky.

Spring has far too much going on, and the middle of the summer can leave you returning to a forest of weeds. Plants can really suffer at this time too if you can’t find anyone to water your plot.

September seems as good a choice as any. Hopefully, watering won’t be required too much, as things are a bit wetter (it feels distinctly Autumnal here at the moment), and crops are starting to finish. My cues are on the way out, and the leaves on the prolific runner beans are beginning to brown.

I’ve had good harvests of beets, courgettes, French beans, salad, and mangetout during the peak months, so I can’t complain as the plants’ production begins to wane.

A scruffy time of year
My plot always looks untidy at the end of summer too, where I’ve concentrated on harvesting rather than weeding. A bonus of holidaying at this time of year is that I don’t really mind the plot scruffiness. It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s just that I like to relax as Summer closes. I enjoy sitting back after a busy few months and thinking ‘ah well, I’ll clear that up in the Winter’.

The greenhouse
The one thing I am a little concerned about is my greenhouse. Mum is going to water the plants, but there is a lot going on there at the moment. Ripening black tomatoes, aubergines and some good chillis are all enjoying themselves undercover, and I don’t want to miss a thing!

I’ve also got a few spring cabbages and chard plants to go out over winter, but won’t be about to do my night time greenhouse slug check. This worries me as there seems to be no stopping the slimers. Even when I put the pots up high, they still seem to find them!

Anyhow, I must dash, I’ve got a cup of tea to make on the stove. Good luck to my plot without me for a week, and here’s hoping for some good weather. 🙂

Happy Gardening.

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  1. Middle part of May is a good time to go away if you are sowing in succession.Stops you filling up the whole plot too early!
    Fortunately I raise seedlings in our communal greenhouse,so there are others around to water while I’m away.

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