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What’s Your Allotment Secret Weapon?

A few weeks back, I posted about my allotment guilty secret – a Honda mini-tiller, that I use to give my soil the perfect tilth before planting.

Now for another secret – my allotment secret weapon.

Through the red door in the picture is the plant room for the office I work at. There are three large boilers in there, as well as a calorifier and hot water pumps.

I’m fortunate to have access to the room, and as you can imagine, it is lovely and snug in there. Add some light via a window at the back, and hey presto, I’ve got the perfect environment for germinating difficult seeds and growing early seedlings.

I try not to take the mickey too much, but I couldn’t resist sneaking some chilli seeds in during January, which germinated within a few days. My parsnips seeds are currently in there in an attempt to chit them before sowing proper.

It’s so warm and toasty, that I’m even considering trying an aubergine. Or maybe a melon. Not that I’m encouraging turning professional workplaces into glorified greenhouses (although my work chilli plant is doing far better than my home ones. Maybe it’s the double glazing), but hey, everywhere needs a little greenery to brighten the day.

I’ve also germinated seeds on my car dashboard from time to time. The temperature in there always seems reasonably high, and with undercover space is at a premium, I’ve got to make the best use possible. And I’m sure my passengers love holding the pots while I’m driving along.

One day, I’ll have myself a super-duper greenhouse or polytunnel, and they’ll be no need to put seedlings here, there and everywhere. The caretakers won’t think I’m nuts, either.

6 thoughts on “What’s Your Allotment Secret Weapon?”

  1. Plant room… sounds like it’s well named! Wish my chilli seeds would make an appearence.

    As for a secret weapon… mine is fro the compost heap. The local thatcher collects the old thatch he takes off and I get it… bags of the stuff. I combine it with a life times supply of well rotten cow manure ( a great swap for a bottle of single malt) and hey presto the best compost / mulch a garden could ever need!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Jono, did you know you’re wasting a huge amount of free seed-germinating warmth every day? Body heat! You could rig up some sort of plastic vest with pockets, add seeds and some damp paper towels, and there you go! Wear it all day under your clothes and nobody at work will even know. They may start wondering why you’re looking down the front of your shirt so often though…


  3. This is really giving me bad ideas that my boyfriend will flip at! I’ve just taken on an allotment and i’ve started growing seeds everywhere in our small flat- no window ledges have been spared, and I need some new seedling areas for April’s sowing.
    BTW this blog is great! Although I think others would say it is fuelling my allotment obsession- which has probably already reached a critical mass- oops

  4. haha, thanks Helen. Nice to have you along.

    I don’t have a greenhouse, so I’ve got stuff all over the place too.

    I’ve pulled this trick again this year. My chillis germinated in just three days!

  5. Describing what is inside the secret room made me wonder what my secret allotment is and as I make this comment, can’t come up with the answer. But I sure will have one.

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