getting my blogging mojo back

Whatever Happened to the Sunday Supplement, and Getting My Blogging Mojo Back

A few weeks ago, I talked about time and blogging, and how I’d struggle to keep up. I wanted to keep Real Men Sow useful as Rory joined Lewis and my life got busier.

A weekly slimmed-down Sunday version of Real Men Sow was the plan – with all the usual growing tips and anecdotes, but more of a weekly digest of what’s happened on the plot, jobs for the next week, links to previous posts where I’ve covered relevant stuff and anything else that’s tickled my fancy that week.

The Sunday update lasted just three weeks. However, something has happened that has made me really happy: I think I’ve got my blogging mojo back.

This is my 9th post of September, which is well up on anything over the last 12 months. I’ve been making normal posts, such as six reasons to grow potatoes, how I’ve come to prefer cultivated blackberries to wild ones, and a courgette allotment cake for the weekend. The short-lived Sunday update hasn’t felt all that necessary.

Google Chromebook, Evernote and Little and Often
One thing that has helped me is buying a Google Chromebook. The gradual deterioration of my old laptop has been hastened recently by Lewis’s incessant watching of train YouTube clips, so I invested in a Chromebook, with the idea being that I could just dip in and out swiftly when I had an idea.

Rather than labouring over a blog post in one sitting, I’ve been working on a few at a time using Evernote, an online notepad of sorts. Being so much more portable than my laptop, my Chromebook is easy to just pick up and type a few words here and there, wherever I am.

Blogging is Like Veg Growing
This little and often approach has a lot in common with how I run my plot these days. Having the patch at the end of the garden means I try to get out there whenever I can, but normally it is never more than half an hour at the time. I can be really productive in this period, and it also fits in perfectly with family life. No drawn out morning long sessions trying to keep up, just a few, regular minutes grabbed when the kids are otherwise occupied or playing in the garden help me maintain things.

For me, plumping for smaller and more manageable has been a revelation, but I’m aware I do bang on about this a lot on Real Men Sow, so I’ll just leave a couple of post links below if you want to see some more S & M (ahem) waffle.

Hope you’re enjoying Sunday and have a good week. 🙂

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