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What To Do With My Last Weekend of Freedom

Ailsa is due to give birth on Tuesday. This could be my last weekend of complete freedom for near enough ever.

Therefore, this weekend I am going to party like it’s my birthday. Or the veg growing equivalent of this: doing as many jobs on the patch as humanly possible.

I’m going to head out in search of some willow to beef up the cane structure I’m planning to build so I can attempt vertical squash growing. Then I’m going to build it.

While I’m out willow hunting, I will be making a few detours to bag up molehill soil for a little experiment. In order to save a few quid, I’m going to try and mix this with multi-purpose compost when I fill containers. The soil in molehills always looks so very crumbly and beautiful, like it would make the most fabulous topsoil.

That water butt that I proudly nabbed from Freecycle all those months ago is finally being installed, and the two new glass panes I bought for the greenhouse are to be fitted also.

The strawberry bed is down for a weed, and I will be screwing and wiring on to the back wall, ready to begin training my greengage tree fan later this month.

I think I’ll sow broad beans on the windowsill, and finally get my Vegetablism Chilli Trial underway.

Then, if I’ve got time I plan to tidy up the greenhouse ready for some more sowing in a couple of weeks.

And when it gets dark, I will order seeds and finish my sowing diary.

Or, I might end up becoming a dad instead.

Either way, it’s going to be a helluva weekend, and who knows, maybe the best of my life.

Hope you have a great couple of days too. 🙂

12 thoughts on “What To Do With My Last Weekend of Freedom”

  1. My advice would be to get some sleep. It’ll be your last chance for a while… Whatever you end up doing, best of luck and enjoy!

  2. haha, that’s what lots of people have told me Kevin. all the above sounds like a good idea, but then perhaps I’ll just sleep all morning!

  3. Good luck! You certainly have a busy time ahead 🙂

    Regarding the chilli’s… How will you be sowing them? I was thinking of sowing some tomorrow but I only have a sunny windowsill of my mums to borrow. Was wondering if it was still a tad early without the aid of a propagator.

  4. Best of luck – my wife is due in March and I’m starting an allotment this year, so I’m going to be experimenting with crops that will hopefully require as little work as possible!

    Any recommendations?!

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