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What I’ve Learned Whilst I’ve Been on Holiday

Every year a big group of us hire a house somewhere in England and head there en masse. This year we’ve chosen the Cotswolds, and a lovely time we’ve had too.

This was the view from our bedroom on the first morning here:

We head back home tomorrow, and I’ve learned a few things, such as riding up hills is much easier if you live in and around them, rather than in Essex; and that actually I do have a cake threshold after all.

Good to Get Away
I’ve also learned that it’s good to be away from the allotment from time to time. Despite arriving here in the snow, I’ve thought about spring as the weather’s warmed up, and I’m looking forward to returning home and getting stuck into my overdue jobs.

Need to Do Some Work at the Plot!
And I need to pull my finger out too – I haven’t finished sourcing my seeds, let alone placed an order, and I still have half a bed that requires manuring and digging over. There are seeds to sow too, like my broadies, peas, and chillis.

Mind you, another week passes and another few minutes of sunlight arrives to do some chores. I might even get half an hour after work now.

A Blogger Lives There!
Another little quirk  I seem to have developed is recognising place names by other bloggers. Ailsa found it most interesting when I pointed out the sign to Chippenham, and proceeded to tell her that’s where VP from Veg Plotting lives.

Looking Forward to Cooking With My Veg Again
Above all though, I’ve realised that I miss cooking with my own produce very much. That’s not meant to be a smug or a self-righteous claim, but I haven’t used any homegrown veg for over a week now, and it’s just not the same.

Good ingredients are of course available in the shops, but I genuinely believe that GYO provides such life-affirming joy, that once you’ve grown something once, you always will.

A week’s not a long time, but it is time enough for me to realise that whatever happens and wherever I go, I’ll always try to grow some of my own ingredients, one way or another.

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  1. Good to see you had a great holiday Jono. I like how they give you room to reflect on what’s what as well as having an enjoyable time away 🙂

    And I LOVE what you said about the Chippenham sign! Shame I didn’t know you were passing by – I’d have put the kettle on and brought out some cake to test your threshold 😉

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