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The Ten Most Popular Real Men Sow Posts of 2021

I can’t resist checking how many people viewed Real Men Sow, where they came from, and what they looked at. It’s fascinating, and a nice feeling that the odd person is reading my ramblings.

At the turn of every year, I always check out what was popular and what wasn’t. For me, it’s turned into a bit of a New Year ritual.

Here are the most viewed posts of 2014. I hope they were useful.

1. 8 Beginner’s Tips for Greenhouse Growing
I’d been in my new, greenhouse-equipped garden for a year, and the introduction of a greenhouse into my veg growing life had added limitless extra enjoyment.

There was plenty of trial and error involved in my first proper greenhouse season, and three months in, these were my Beginner’s Tips to Greenhouse Growing.

2. Ten Tips for Grow Your Own Beginners
This was a repost from January 2011. I’d been getting a few nice questions asking for beginner advice, so during Spring, I thought it a good time to dig the post out again.

I’d learned even more since I posted the original, so shared ten new tips the next day too.

3. When Are Butternut Squashes Ready for Harvest?
Autumn is harvesting time for butternut squashes, but before I went out eagerly picking my fruits, I needed to look closely to make sure they were ready.

4. Six Great Veg for Shady Spots
Shade rules out growing any veg that fruits from flowers, like tomatoes and peas, but there are plenty of interesting and attractive partial sun tolerant veg. Here are six of the best.

5. Growing Fruit Bushes on an Allotment and in a Garden
Fruit bushes are great things to grow in gardens and on allotments, and this post outlined why, plus tips on getting the most from your plants.

6. Low Maintenance, Time Friendly Allotment Plan for 2014
When mum took on her overgrown allotment plot, we were pushed for time, so we executed a plan which avoided manuring and digging in this winter, but still allowed us to grow next year.

Did it work? Here’s the plot 7 months later…

7. Allotment Cakes for the Weekend #1: Nigel Slater’s Lemon and Thyme Cake
What happens when you’re in the odd position of being the first Google search return for ‘Nigel Slater Lemon and Thyme Cake’, and then Nigel Slater goes on the TV and makes the recipe.

I’m not top result anymore, but it was fun when I was.

8. 7 Ways to Get Cheap Seeds
At the time, 8 Ways to Get Free Seeds, my most viewed post of all time Real Men Sow history, was 2 years old.

In line with inflation and the interests of providing a few more tips, I took the opportunity for a refresh.

9. My Allotment Plan 2011
There were four veg beds and two fruity ones in my 2011 Plan, which were grouped together depending on veg crop families.

10. Shall I Use a Rotovator on My Allotment? The Case for the Defence.
This is a subject that divides gardeners, but having seen the state of some of the plots that beginners were being offered, I had a lot of sympathy for those who chose to use a rotovator.

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  1. Hi Jono, I found your blog last week when I was doing some research for my permaculture studies and your blog came up in the search results. Even though my deadline for my current unit of studies is January 22nd, and I am still working on a few papers that need to be submitted by then, I couldn’t resist going off on a tangent and reading some of your blog. So I guess that makes me one of the “odd” persons you wrote about : ) I really liked the link to your post on six great veg for shady spots – that info will come in handy. Thanks

  2. Yes, I enjoyed the post on veg for shady spots too! It gave me high hopes for my rhubarb and alpine strawberry patch round the side of the house.

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