Nigel Slater's Lemon and Thyme Cake

The Ten Most Popular Real Men Sow Posts of 2021

Oh, how I love a nose at my website stats. It’s the geek in me. I can’t resist checking how many people viewed Real Men Sow, where they came from, and what they looked at. It’s fascinating.

At the turn of every year, I always check out what was popular and what wasn’t.

Here are the most viewed posts of 2013. I hope they were useful. 🙂

1. Allotment Cakes for the Weekend #1: Nigel Slater’s Lemon and Thyme Cake
What happens when you’re in the odd position of being the first Google search return for ‘Nigel Slater Lemon and Thyme Cake’, and then Nigel Slater goes on the TV and makes the recipe.

I’m not top result anymore, but it was fun when I was.

2. When are Butternut Squashes Ready to Harvest?
Autumn is harvesting time for butternut squashes, but before I went out eagerly picking my fruits, I needed to look closely to make sure they were ready.

Harvesting at the right time is important – and pick too early and the squash’s flavour won’t have matured fully.

3. Ten Tips for Grow Your Own Beginners
This was a repost from January 2011. I’d been getting a few nice questions asking for beginner advice, so during Spring, I thought it a good time to dig the post out again.

I’d learned even more since I posted the original, so shared ten new tips the next day too.

4. Beginners Tips for Greenhouse Growing
I’d been in my new, greenhouse-equipped garden for a year, and the introduction of a greenhouse into my veg growing life had added limitless extra enjoyment.

There has been plenty of trial and error involved in my first proper greenhouse season, and three months in, these were my Beginner’s Tips to Greenhouse Growing.

5. What Can I Use Lemon Balm For?
Before this post, I’d only used my lemon balm plant sparingly. All I’d done to date was gaily rejoice in the lovely citrus smell after a rain shower.

But things had to change. I couldn’t have a plant taking up valuable space without any return. The time had come for the lemon balm to start pulling its weight…

6. 7 Ways to Get Cheap Seeds
8 Ways to Get Free Seeds, my most viewed post of all time Real Men Sow history, was 2 years old.
In line with inflation and the interests of providing a few more tips, I took the opportunity for a refresh.

7. Veg Seeds to Sow in August
August is a great time to sow many seeds out there into the sun-kissed summer soil.
Here are some suggestions if, like me, you were itching to do some August sowing.

8. I Sieve Soil in the Sunshine – My New Garden Sieve
I’d wanted to have a go at making my own potting compost for a while. Here’s my potting compost recipe.

9. Growing Fruit Bushes on an Allotment and in a Garden
Soft fruit bushes aren’t something I’d talked much about on Real Men Sow. I don’t know why, considering a third of my allotment was given over to bushes.

Fruit bushes are great things to grow in gardens and on allotments, and this post outlined why.

10. How to Store Your Apples and Eat Crumble in Winter!
2013 was a good year for apples. If apples were the currency of England, I’d be a rich man. I had bags of them, from a foraging trip.

The trouble is, with so many apples freely available, eating them all at the same time is rather difficult. This is how I stored my crop.

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