Growing My Own Saved £500 in a Year! Introducing the RMS Veg Savings Spreadsheet 2011

During 2011, I worked out that I saved nearly £500 a year growing my own fruit and vegetables on an allotment.

I made a spreadsheet to calculate savings, which can be downloaded by clicking here. It’s nothing too complicated, as I’m no Excel guru, but some people did find it useful and strangely fun, and I hope you might too.

I decided to work out savings on veg as I used it. This is obvious for the odd picking of something for my dinner, but I weighed the stored and frozen stuff as it made my plate rather than when it came off the plot. I’d like to think this evened itself out over the year.

My lovely wife thought I was nuts, weighing every fruit and veg harvest for 12 months, but hey, I’m a boy, we do these strange projects.

Below are all my monthly harvesting results from the experiment, and in the column to the right is an intro, findings and a few other posts that might be of interest.

If you do decide to have a stab at using the spreadsheet, I’d be chuffed to hear from you.

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