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The Mystery of Plot 121 – Are Supernatural Forces at Work?

Any ideas on this strange allotment phenomenon?

Just up from me, there is a plot, which has been turned into one big bed.

I have seen the plotholder once, and only once, a couple of years ago. That day he dug, and dug, and dug.

See, this is a man who likes to dig, but seemingly he doesn’t like to do much else, and I can’t work it out.

This allotment runs on a cycle. Dig over, maybe plant a couple of rows of something, leave until weeds grow two feet high, cut down weeds, dig over. And repeat. It has been going on ever since I took my allotment on.

I have never seen any food harvested, or anything successfully grown, but every so often the plot is dug over. I popped over to my allotment this morning, and once more, the area had gone from weed infestation to perfectly dug soil.

A few theories have crossed my mind. Is the plot leased by someone who always tells themselves that this time will be the big one, and they’ll grow vegetables? Is it a man who just lives for digging?

Maybe it’s a plotholder who just won’t let go, even though they haven’t the time to run an allotment?

Or maybe something altogether more extraterrestrial is going on, like an allotment version of crop circles? Do aliens drop down and perform secret soil tests while the gates are shut and we’re all sleeping?

After all, the Doctor is at work at the plots:

plot shed

Answers on a postcard please (or the comments box below!).

4 thoughts on “The Mystery of Plot 121 – Are Supernatural Forces at Work?”

  1. I’ve only been on my plot for one year now but there are some strange goings on at my site too. There is one guy who only grew chard this year. He had 3 rows of it and the rest was weeds. Then there was a flurry of activity on one site, strawberries planted up, raspberries, beans etc. Then I never saw them again. Nothing has been picked, no weeding. How weird to go to all that trouble and then not come back.

  2. Hey WW, thanks for your comment.

    I always find it entertaining to have a walk round and see how few veg some people are growing. On my plots we’ve got a cabbage only grower – wouldn’t like to be down wind of them!

    Also had someone clear a really overgrown plot, put a brand new shed and then disappear.

    Love your blog by the way, have bookmarked. 🙂

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