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The Month That Was: January 2021

Barrowfulls of Seaweed to Use as Manure.
At this point I should apologise to my mum for claiming I went out bagging up seaweed in a previous post. She pulled me up on this. ‘See, you’ve been getting seaweed?’ she said with a knowing smile.

Although it was my idea, I didn’t get the seaweed. That was a sort of fib. Mum’s been out collecting. In the rain. Sorry, mum.

the month that was january

Beautiful Horse Manure
A new resource of properly rotted horse manure for the other half of the plot. I did get this all myself. The manure is stunning. No steam, no smell. I could almost eat the stuff. And it was free.

the month that was

Sorry Dad
‘Don’t try and reverse with the box trailer on, its really difficult,’ dad said when I borrowed his car to get my manure.

‘Oh, bollocks’.

I am very, very fortunate to have a brilliantly patient and composed dad. Sorry, dad.

moth of january

Mibuna Salad Leaves
My best winter veg this year.

best winter veg

Butternut Squash Muffins
Using up my stored squashes: Jamie Oliver’s squash muffins. Delicious, thoroughly recommend. No butter either, so not entirely unhealthy.

best month

We’re in the  Money!
And finally, I reckon the allotment committee has come into some money. Properly professionally made sign. We’re going up in the world. I’ll miss the cardboard one with the scribbly writing though.

veg allotment

2 thoughts on “The Month That Was: January 2021”

  1. I love the Jamie Oliver recipe too – you can really adapt it… I like to put a choc bar bashed into little pieces and cocoa powder. I did an amazing batch with choc orange flavoured green & blacks too (bit expensive but delicious).

    I used the recipe to bake a birthday cake for my boyfriend last week. Of course with a winter sqaush I saved from last autumn (Zapallito de Toscana) and some lime fruit that fell off my lime tree. Only trouble using the muffin recipe is a cake does need about 10 – 15 mins extra so the cake had a bit of a soggy middle – but I think the kiddy “Happy Birthday” candles made up for it!

    Your mibuna look great. Note for myself for next winter! Thanks.

    Be interested to see how you do with your manure and sea weed. I only use worm tea from my wormery and comfrey for the fruit producing veg. Sea weed’s not as sustainable a source for us land livers but I’ve heard it has amazing results and many bought organic fertilizers contain seaweed. I’ll be watching this space!

    1. Hi Claire, thanks for the comment.

      I am going to have to try the chocolate orange recipe. That sounds delicious, and I’m a real sucker or chocolate oranges!

      I’m also thinking of trying to make an organic fertiliser from the seaweed. I’ve never ‘fed’ any of my plants, but have figured it would make a big difference. Might use some nettles too, if I can live with the stench…

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