liberating myself from weeding

Sunday Update No 3 – Liberating Myself From Weeding and Enjoying All the Good Stuff!

I don’t know about you, but my plot always gets scruffy this time of year.

I have to confess, my motivation tends to wane a little as the Summer heightens and then starts to fall away. Despite all the produce that the warm weather brings, I find myself spending less time doing the everyday chores.

I still water, but I’ll be willing the rain so I don’t have to (it’s been a good couple of weeks for this!) and I’m very lazy when it comes to weeding.

(actually, who I am kidding, I’m very lazy when it comes to weeding, full stop…)

I tend to plant seedlings close together, and as everything blurs into one during Summer my eye for ignoring weeds is well trained. I just let all the big plants like courgettes and squashes hide them from visitors.

If they’re easy-to-pull weeds I might give them a tug on my way to the shed, but those tap root ones are far too much effort. If I’m feeling vain, I’ll pull off the leaves so no one sees the invaders but generally, that’s as far as it goes.

Do The Weeding In a Few Weeks Time…
In my mind, I’ll be pulling everything out of the beds in a few weeks and starting over, so I might as well do it then. I’ll do something more befitting of my currently lethargic mentality, like have a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

But more importantly, I think now is about living for the moment, and in particular, enjoying all those tasty fruit and veg that you’ve worked hard to nurture through Spring and Summer, and are now reaching their peak.

There is so much good stuff to eat right now – plots are bursting with courgettes, beets, beautiful tomatoes, cues, brassicas, all manner of beans, and a whole host of other gorgeous produce. And of course, there is all the fruit: plums, apples, pears, and late raspberries are all coming good, as well as hedgerows full of blackberries.

Liberating Yourself From Weeding
I suppose what I’m trying to say is that whilst there is so much exciting produce to harvest, eat and cook with, I’m more than happy to live with an unruly plot. This actually feels quite a liberating thing to type, so I’m going to do it again.

I’m more than happy to live with an unruly plot.

I’ll tidy up when all I’ve got to play with is curly kale and perpetual spinach, and some potatoes in the shed. Not that these veg are boring, it’s just that – well, you know, they’re ‘downtime veg’ for when the days are cold and short and jobs are all about getting ready or next year. I find myself far more motivated to clear everything up then.

So, if you’re worried about your weeds, my message is to leave them be for now. Plants are established so the weeds won’t cause too much grief. Get stuck into the good stuff and tackle the bad boys another day.

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  1. As a rule I don’t have many weeds, so the ones that do pop up I just pull out when walking past. I plant stuff quite close and interplant, maybe that keeps them down, as does the no-dig gardening, is my impression. Much more time is spent on watering, we have had a ridiculously dry summer, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, fingers crossed. And now for that cup of tea and slice of cake!

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