stage two sweet potato harvest

Stage Two of the Sweet Potato Harvest – Mum’s Sunny Patio

So, after Stage One of the Sweet Potato Harvest last week, today was time for stage two – mum’s sunny patio.

This is the second year mum has grown sweet potatoes in this sunny spot, and although the foliage was fairly small, there was a good harvest of potatoes to be had.

That little lot weighed in at 1.6kg, which is twice as many as I got from my row at the plot. The interesting thing about this is that mum’s sweet potatoes were grown in a bag, taking up a lot less space than I did on the allotment.

Next Year?
These plants weren’t given any liquid feed, only water, and there were lots of little ones in the bottom that hadn’t grown. Post-harvest discussions ensued, and we decided that next year we’d give the plants a feed from time to time in the hope of turning the little ‘uns into edible sized potatoes. If we had shown the plants some more love during 2011, I reckon we might have had a third more potatoes to show for our efforts.

I’m still going to try them on the plot next year, as the foliage is very attractive and I enjoy seeing the verdant leaves in amongst my other veg. However, I’m contemplating covering the ground with fleece or black tarpaulin and growing the plants through. I have a couple of AcryliCloche® too which I may sit over the plants, and hopefully, raise the temperature that a key couple of degrees.

4 thoughts on “Stage Two of the Sweet Potato Harvest – Mum’s Sunny Patio”

  1. Never tried sweet potatoes myself (though you might have inspired me to give them a go next year) but I have heard that growing them through black plastic can really make a big difference…

    1. Hi Naomi, thanks for your comment.

      I think you’re right, its all about the heat. Mum’s growing sacks were also black, and I reckon getting the temperature up just a couple of degrees will make all the difference.

  2. Hi Jono
    That looks a great harvest, are those all from just one bag?

    I’ve heard people say they look really pretty in containers, nice foliage and flowers – was this your experience?

    I’m also wondering about the taste. Home grown conventional spuds taste so sublimely different from shop bought. Is there a noticeable difference with sweet potatoes.

    Thanks for the tip about the black bag, Naomi.

    Happy Christmas!

  3. Hi Mark.

    They were grown from two bags. Not particularly big ones though.

    Definitely look pretty, I don’t think its necessarily a big disappointment if the harvest isn’t that great as the foliage is really attractive.

    They do taste different, but not sure they keep as well as shop bought ones. Not sure why this is though, might be just my experience.

    Happy Christmas!

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