perfect morning on the allotment

Spring is Here! A Perfect Morning on the Allotment

I’ve been on annual leave this week, in one of those last-minute, ‘use it or lose it’ dashes before the start of the new financial year.

And I’ve had a splendid time (banister painting aside).

One of the biggest contributors to my annual leave contentment has definitely been the weather. I popped down to the allotment at the beginning of the week, and it was absolutely perfect down there. Spring had wholeheartedly arrived, and the whole place was beautifully quiet, with hints of the impacts of changing weather everywhere.

Here’s a darn good example of Spring in action on a neighbouring plot: rows of broadies next to a row of rhubarb.

morning on the allotment

First Rhubarb Harvest
The rhubarb was another significant contributor to my jolly mood. In case you hadn’t guessed, I absolutely adore rhubarb. If I could only grow one thing, rhubarb could be it. Or squashes. But I think rhubarb would clinch it. Squash crumble ice cream just wouldn’t be the same as rhubarb.

It’s not just the taste of rhubarb that makes this fruit-cum-veg one of my plot favourites though. Rhubarb is so symbolic of better growing times ahead, especially when it makes an appearance as early as March. Normally, the sugary sweet stems are my first harvest of a new year and bring a surge of excitement for new season goodies and Spring ahead. Everything starts over again, beginning with the rhubarb harvest.

This week, our allotment rhubarb was ready for picking. Because I love it so much, I took lots of photos.

Fat, juicy stems:

spring veg

Rhubarb from the air (on top of the compost bin).

allotment plots

All I did with my rhubarb harvest was gently stew the stems for mixing with porridge. I’ve really missed rhubarb, so just wanted a quick fix with my breakfast. I’ve got cake on my mind for Easter Weekend though

As well as rhubarb and broad beans, there were lots of buds appearing on the gooseberry bushes. Gooseberries are another one of those underrated fruits, and we’ve got several bushes on the plot.

spring is here

With Spring upon us, I’ll be reposting some old tips and blog posts about getting the best from the sowing season, as well as some new stuff which I also hope will be helpful.

Happy Spring one and all. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Spring is Here! A Perfect Morning on the Allotment”

  1. That is one impressive plot! Well done for being so organised ahead of the season….I love the sight of bare earth ready for planting. I’m in norwich and the weather was similar here last week ( before the storm ) ….total magic to be out there in the sun, getting things ready for spring.
    I had old rhubarb on my plot when I took it over and I split it and replanted the “new” pieces…is it worth doing that or would it be better to get a new crown?

    I’m opposite the holiday Inn on the 140 as you leave the city…wave as you go by!

  2. I’m amazed at how early your rhubarb is! Mine is just showing a few mini stems (trust me, I’m watching with bated breath) and I thought I had it good with my urban micro-climate. Your allotment looks awesome, I’m so envious of the space you have! Roll on springtime!

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