onions in the snow.

Snow: the aftermath

I ventured down the plot with Ailsa this afternoon to find out what was left after the recent snowfall.

Walking there, my head was filled with Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. I think somewhere over lunch, I’d related the discovery of personal strength following an initially devastating breakup, female empowerment, and increasing confidence with my vegetable’s battle against the cold.

So, with this in mind, I’ve given each vegetable a Gloria Gaynor Survival Rating. It seems a good idea now. Apologies for when I realise this is probably the worst blog post since the beginning of Real Men Sow.

1. Salad leaves: Mibuna, Green in Snow, Serifon.
I’m growing these in containers and covered them in fleece before the snow. Now there is a big layer of the white stuff squashing the leaves. My earlier Mibuna is flat as a hedgehog, but hopefully, this will straighten out once the weight is released.

The later mibuna, green in snow and serifon seedlings are too small to suffer this problem and have actually put on a few millimetres in height, albeit very slowly.

GG Survival Rating: Mibuna 8, Salad Leaves 9 (I’m not that chained up little person still in love with you)

2. Carrots
I’ve got experimental sowing of container carrots (Early Nantes) covered by fleece to see if I can get them big enough to harvest for Christmas Dinner. They look healthy, and not too put out by the fleece flattening the greenery. Whether I’ll get fresh Christmas carrots I don’t know, but I reckon they’re going to survive the snow.

GG Survival Rating: 7 (Now I hold my head up high and you see me somebody new)

3. Beetroot
Wilted and droopy, I don’t think these have grown at all for weeks. I nearly lost my hands to frostbite picking any golfball-sized baby beets, but I reckon the rest is done for. Did well to make it this far though, and I did get enough for beetroot burgers last week.

GG Survival Rating: 2 (I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face)

onions in the snow.4. Onions and Garlic
I’ll be gutted if they go; they started so well. I can still see the green shoots sticking up through the snow, but I’m scared for them, I’ve got to be honest. I take my hat off to any that make it through…

GG Survival Rating: 4 (It took all the strength I had not to fall apart kept trying hard to mend the pieces of my broken heart)

5. Curly Kale and Spring Greens
I put in late sowing of curly kale as my maincrop had grown so well I was worried they’d bolt early, and together with my spring greens, these should give me something to eat during the hungry gap. Like seeds, these little guys were decimated by bugs, but even then they were fighters and went from spindly stalks to baby plants in a comeback reminiscent of England’s Ian Botham-inspired 1981 Ashes victory (let’s hope its more straight forward in Australia this time around…).

After the bugs, this snow should be a walkover.

GG Survival Rating: 10 (now I’m saving all my loving for someone who’s loving me!)

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