singing the praises of Jan time

Singing the Praises of: Jan Time


Seven years ago my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, she survived and is now in her second year of remission. I can’t explain exactly what I mean, and I know it’s a cliché, but something changed for our whole family during the year mum was receiving treatment.

When mum recovered fully, I started gardening with her. I was still living at home, and we built a veg patch. Mum’s a passionate gardener, but she’d never really got into growing veg. A year or so later, I moved in with my girlfriend and got an allotment, and me and mum have been happily working it ever since.

A lot of people talk about allotments being more than just growing food. The exercise, fresh air, relaxation, and back to earth basics of growing your own are all exhilarating elements that make life that much better. But for me, there’s one more:


Every morning spent on the allotment with my mum is a joy, a wonder, and a celebration of our bond. Its time that might once have been robbed from me, and just being on Plot 105 reminds me of this. I slow down, and me and mum talk and think; happy and at peace with the world.

Mum helps me and she laughs with me. The time spent is a different kind of time from our every day lives. It’s not a mother and son relationship, it’s one of best friends.

So this one’s for you, Jan. May there be many more mornings like yesterday.

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