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Singing the Praises of: Crown Prince Squashes

The day before yesterday, I briefly mentioned crown prince squash, and how it reminded me of the extraordinary duo that currently sits either side of my back door (pictured).

These crown princes are products of 2009’s harvest. I’ve no idea what they’re like inside, but they’ve kept for over a year now. I originally had the squashes in my dining room but put them outside when I picked this year’s crop.

Sutton’s describe the cultivar as having ‘…excellent storage potential; it can be over 3 months’, which going by these two is the understatement of the century.

I guess you couldn’t eat them anymore, but my new favourite experiment is to see if a winter battering outside can bring these two super-squashes down.

Of course, the added bonus to the long-lasting crown prince is that they’re tasty too. The dazzling orange flesh has a distinctly nutty flavour which makes a delicious soup, as well as being a fine addition to curries (this lamb and squash curry is a good ‘un).

As it turns out, they lasted longer than a pair of work shoes I bought last year. Nothing’s built to last anymore, my nan says. Perhaps I’ll show give her one of my crown princes.

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