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Excitement, Sadness and Memories: Real Men Sow is Relocating to Somerset :)

Things have been quiet on here recently, but life has gotten a touch hectic. From December 1st, Real Men Sow will be brought to you from Somerset, as we’re relocating from our hometown of Burnham-on-Crouch to the ‘Mild Mild West’.

I’ve been clearing up my veg beds in the garden this weekend, ready for the house to go on the market. It’s a funny feeling. One of great excitement, but much sadness too. We’re leaving a lot behind, including friends, family, and lots of lovely memories. I’m also passing on my Patch from Scratch, hoping that the next residents of 73 Chapel Road decide to grow some veggies in the garden too. I’ve spread some fresh horse muck on the two empty beds just in case, so they’ll be ready to go for spring.

It’s odd, not sowing spring green or broad bean seeds this time of year, filling the greenhouse with mibuna, or getting space ready for overwintering onions. These are jobs I’ve always done in September and October and looked forward to harvesting the following Spring. I’ve harvested my last rhubarb from this garden, as well as my final plums and strawberries. And just as the asparagus is about to come good, I’m hot-footing it 4 hours down the road.

What Will 2017 Hold?
However, in amongst the sadness is an excitement that the next year could herald something completely different. We’re likely to be renting, to begin with, which could mean little or no garden at all. Depending on the house we find ourselves living, and how keen the landlord is for an untidy vegetable grower to start introducing veg beds into their garden, 2017 could be the Year of the Container. I better get reading up on the Vertical Veg archive

I have also been told in no uncertain terms that plants will not be occupying space in the removal truck, so it’s a completely fresh veg growing start, whatever guise it takes!

Remaining Harvests From the Garden and Beating the Cabbage Whites
I’ve also got a lot of frozen rhubarb, gooseberries, blackberries, and plums to munch my way through before we leave. Looks like there’s going to be a lot of stewed fruit and crumble consumed by my family over the next three months. I’m also going to be enjoying some of my leeks, a couple of rows of beetroot, French beans, and now they’ve finally started to ripen, lots of juicy tomatoes.

Something else I shall be enjoying with great satisfaction is the curly kale and cavolo nero, which (whisper it…) this year has beaten the cabbage whites. I’ve reinforced the netting, and have taken much enjoyment from watching the butterflies hovering around the netting, unable to penetrate.

After recent years of total brassica massacre, this seems a fitting triumph to leave on. 🙂

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  1. So you’re heading west! Hope the move goes smoothly and I’m sure there’ll be plenty of veg news from you from a plot or pot somewhere in the wilds of Somerset 🙂

  2. Gardening gives very much joy. It is a feeling which can’t be explained when we see the plants grow. Beautiful post. Keep posting more.

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