naming parts of the garden

Naming Parts of the Garden and a Plot Plan 2021 Sneak Preview

I’ve been planning my plot for the coming season and looking back at what I’ve written about the Patch from Scratch so far. One thing I’ve realised is that not a lot of what I try to explain about bed positions makes much sense.

There’s a lot of descriptions along the lines of ‘the bed next to the fence’, and ‘that bit adjacent to the greenhouse,’ which is of no use or fun whatsoever to anyone that isn’t me, and knows my garden.

The Ugly Back Corner
There was an answer hidden in recent posts though. I noticed myself regularly referring to one end of the garden as ‘The Ugly Back Corner’. Without even realising, I’d given this area an unofficial name.

This led me to think about other parts of the plot. I became inspired by the other passion in my life, mountain biking. Lots of places that I’ve loved riding over the last year have names for certain runs and obstacles on the trail. The reasons for some of these names are clear, like the jumpy Hippity Hop in Nant Yr Arian, Wales; whilst others are more cryptic, such as Barry Knows Best in the Surrey Hills.

Jasper’s Run
I find myself naming sections of my local woods in Danbury too, and sat eating my dinner tonight, I began applying this to the veg plot. I’ve got obvious ones, like Compost Corner and Raspberry Row, but there are also some not so obvious. The path that my next-door neighbour’s cat zips down when he’s hiding out in the greenhouse and I open the back door is now known as Jasper’s Run.

There is also Winter Strip, which is the long, thin-bed alongside my neighbour’s fence. I’m planning to put winter veg in here, such as kale, cavolo nero, and leeks.

Does anyone else name parts of their garden? My mum has an area at the back of hers called Benny Lane. Benny Lane is a path along the back of her garden that our family dog used to run through as soon as someone let him out.

Plot Plan 2013
I’ve started marking the areas down on my work-in-progress, scale Plot Plan 2013, which will be unveiled later this week, once I’ve coloured it in (there’s not much to do out this way in the winter, honest).

Here’s a sneak preview.

naming parts of the garden

Scale, hand-drawn plans really aren’t necessary. They are a lot of fun though. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Naming Parts of the Garden and a Plot Plan 2021 Sneak Preview”

  1. Some of my beds have descriptive names only (the prairie, the triangle box), but most of it is unnamed. I suspect that if I did get more creative with the names I’d have trouble deciding which would be called “Alan’s Folly”. 😉

    I’ve been working on a map of my yard since last winter, but it’s such an odd shape it’s hard to get right. Oh to have a nice rectangular space!

  2. Hi am thinking about my plot at the moment – not sure we have any good names for areas other than raspberry batch etc – I will definitely start thinking about that when planning my plot x

  3. Parts of my garden have names mainly descriptive but only really so I can refer to them on the blog. It does make life easier but I do think the ugly back corner is a negative one and you need to find something more positive!!

  4. Butt City is amazing Emma!!

    I’ve been thinking the same about that Helen. I’ve planted a greengage tree there to shape up the wall, so I perhaps the corner can take a new name from that. 🙂

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