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My First £3.48 of Savings for 2011

Yesterday, I harvested a handful of spinach (below), 2 leeks, and a bag of curly kale, and with that came the first savings for the Real Men Sow Veg Savings spreadsheet 2011 – a princely sum of £3.48.

I used MySupermarket to find out the going rate of my veg against its shop-bought equivalent. As I grow without using chemicals, I compared with organic produce.

After weighing my harvest, the spreadsheet told me I’d saved a tidy £2.21 on my leeks, 62p on the spinach, and 64p on the kale.

This means I’m already nearly a fifth of the way to paying back my allotment rent of £18.50 (the 50p was a fine for being a late payer, the buggers).

So without taking into account my forthcoming new season seed order, my current status is -15.02.

I wasn’t sure whether to include the stuff I have in store and in the freezer, such as potatoes, squashes, and French beans. And decided in the end to take that from this year’s sowings when I harvest.

However, I couldn’t resist a little hypothetical calculation on the 1.8kg of crown prince squash I’d used earlier on in the week, and boy am I excited about this.

Against a Tesco organic butternut squash (the nearest I could find to a crown prince), I saved myself a whopping £3.01.

Half a dozen of those this year and the plot’s paid for itself!

If you’d like to download the spreadsheet, click here for info.

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