Allotment Anticipation

More Allotment Anticipation…

One of the most thrilling parts of running an allotment is the anticipation.

Yesterday, I and Jan wandered down to the plot, and my mind was overrun with what might suddenly be showing, or what might be big enough to pick.

Will my aubergine have gotten any bigger? Has the curly kale begun to take? Are my late raspberries ready?

As we got into the allotments, I started to walk faster. When I can see my plot, it sort of overtakes me. I find myself hastily poking around underneath plants to see if any fruits have appeared, or poring through soil trying to locate that first seedling of a new row.

It’s a real buzz, especially when we’ve had lots of rain on top of mild weather – you just know something’s going to have happened. I hadn’t visited my plot for a few days, and I could barely hold myself back.

The first stop was my container peas. A late, experimental sowing and they’re now flowering (pictured). This is a new development. If the weather will just hold out for another couple of weeks, and I might get one last pea crop before the winter.

The other, surprising, news is that my garlic has sprouted. I only planted them last week, but they’re on the march already.

I also got a handful of raspberries, but progress on the aubergine is very slow. Jan doesn’t reckon it’ll grow anymore, but I’m still hopeful – hopeful enough to make my next walk to the plot even more exciting.

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