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Money Foraging With my Friend Si, and Buying Seeds with the Proceeds

Back in September, I started saving.

Not your conventional saving, like setting some money aside on each payday, but saving coins that I’d found while going about my everyday life.

I was inspired by my friend Simon, who picked up a 2 pence piece when we were out watching a band. He then started telling me how he always picks up the money he sees on the floor. Maybe it’s because Si is an accountant, but the pride in his face when he revealed that he’d accumulated enough money to buy a Mars bar recently was clear to see (his expression was not dissimilar to the one he’s pulling in the picture).

My First 18p
This turned into a bit of a competition over that weekend. Simon, with his trained eye, spotted more dosh than me, but I helped myself to a healthy 18p – not a bad total for a beginner in money foraging I thought.

This minor success got me thinking: I was never going to find loads of money, but over time I might be able to get enough to pay for some lesser items.

Saving Up for Seeds
The beauty of this was that the obvious obtainable thing for me is seeds. You can find a pack of seeds for £1 in some places. After a couple of days with Si, I was almost a fifth of the way to that total already.

And this whole challenge adds a completely different element to mundane trips to the shops and other boring outings. Its actually geekily exciting, in a sort of spreadsheet way.

£1.32 Since September
Since September, I’ve stumbled across the princely total of 1.32. Depending on which retailer you use, this is enough to get my squash seeds for next year. Squashes often save me between £1.50 and £2, so if I harvest ten fruits next summer, then those unwanted pennies are suddenly worth a potential twenty quid to me.

I know this is probably taking GYO money-saving to the extreme, and I get plenty of odd looks, but I love the idea of turning these stray bits of copper lying around into a productive harvest, especially when converting the pennies into seeds and then into something with a much bigger value.

I suppose in some ways that’s not unlike a bet, but a reasonably safe one. Subject to favourable weather, of course.

Money for nothing. If only my proper savings account worked like that.

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    1. That’s exactly where we used to leave them when we were kids! And around the tuck shop in the school playground. Funny how some things never change.

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