May patch from scratch update

May Patch from Scratch Update – The Stuff I Forgot in the Video

When I watched Wednesday’s Patch from Scratch video update back, I realised I missed a few things. This was probably down to not making any notes and just winging it. It is undoubtedly why the video ran to nearly 7 minutes, rather than the 2 I’d initially limited myself to.

Focus, that’s what I’ve always lacked.

Anyway, there are a few other developments and points of interest that you couldn’t see in the video.

Snails Eating My Beautiful Radishes
I’m in love with these beautiful little radishes. I prefer a spherical radish, and normally grow Sparkler, but tried Scarlet Globe this year. They’re bright red and perfectly round, and I just think they look gorgeous. Being a radish, they’re quick and easy to grow, so great for kids. I reckon these might be the first veg I grow when trying to get Lewis interested in the patch.

The only problem is that the slugs seem to like the Globe as much as me. I’d noticed nibbles on the flesh of the radishes but couldn’t work out what might be munching on my crop. During a pre-bedtime torchlight inspection of the plot, I found a little slug helping himself. I was surprised at this – as daft as it sounds if I was a slug I couldn’t imagine radishes being my grub of choice.

Anne Wareham said it best when I bemoaned this on Twitter: ‘They eat anything that fails to move’. Just when I thought I was winning too.

Baby Gooseberry Bushes
Another development giving me a warm gooey feeling is this cute baby gooseberry bush. I’ve blogged before about how much I enjoy poking around gooseberry bushes to find branches that have rooted themselves, and this one has done its job perfectly. It looks like a miniature bush already.

May update

And then there are the chillis. How could I have forgotten the chillis? I’m taking part in the chilli trial run by those nice, if slightly sweary, people over at Vegetablism. These chaps also happen to be the creators of the funniest vegetable-based video I have ever seen. It really shouldn’t be funny…

I’ve been growing the chillis that @5olly very kindly sent out since the beginning of February. They started off life in my airing cupboard, before moving to a windowsill and have spent the last few weeks in the greenhouse. Of the 5 varieties sown, Hungarian Yellow Wax, Chiltepin and Numex Centennial germinated and are now beginning to flower. They’re still potted up, but I plan to plant them out inside the greenhouse this weekend.

I’m excited about the Hungarian Yellow Wax because they look like the chillis you get in kebabs and remind me of misspent early 20s, and the Numex has a very attractive leaf pattern.

stuff I forgot in the video

There are little chillis coming on some of the plants too:

stuff I forgot

I’ve always considered myself pretty rubbish at growing chillis, but this year feels like a breakthrough. It looks as if I might get a good crop from these plants, and what’s just as enthusiastic is that I’ve never heard of these chillis, so tasting becomes a chilli roulette.

I’ll be keeping a glass of milk nearby.

4 thoughts on “May Patch from Scratch Update – The Stuff I Forgot in the Video”

  1. I am in fear of the slugs and snails up the plot. Over half of it is direct sown including all of my salad and legumes. Salads are just starting to show, while as of yet nothing from the beans (french – dwarf & climbing) peas and runner beans. Assuming they germinate I really hope they don’t succumb to the horrible slimy things.

    Your chillis look great! Mine are a lot smaller, sown about a month after yours, they are between 2 – 6 inches and taking up borrowed space in my folks greenhouse. The Numex would look great as a houseplant with such attractive leaf colouring.

  2. Slugs and snails are having a good munch on most of my plants at the moment, pumpkin, beans, peas and my sprouts!

    Even found one inside the poly green house sat in the tomato bucket……it had a nasty end with a spike through it!!

    Your chillis look huge compared to mine!!

  3. Hey Adam – I’ve had a head start as I’ve been using my greenhouse to germinate. Weather looks good for next week so reckon you’ll start to see some germination.

    Best thing I reckon we can do with the slugs and snails is keep our plots today. We’ll never eradicate them, but removing rubbish and undergrowth has certainly reduced the numbers in my garden.

    Agree about the Numex. Almost kept one in the house but changed my mind last minute.

    Hi Ryan, thanks for your comment. Its the pigeons that are after my sprouts. It doesn’t take long for them to spot newly planted out brassicas.

    And I need to toughen up with the snails. I’m too soft and just toss them down the other end of the garden. I need to get ruthless!

  4. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to slugs and snails. I get my husband to take care of them 🙂

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