grow your own winter chilli challenge

Joining the Grow Your Own Winter Chilli Challenge

I’m taking part in the ever-so-friendly Grow Your Own forum’s Chilli and Pepper Winter Sowing thread.

The idea’s pretty simple, but perfect if, like me, the little spot of sun we’ve had has fooled you into thinking we’re on the cusp of spring. It only took a close shave with the gritting lorry to shake me out of this, but still, I’m left itching to sow something.

Chillis are a good ‘un if you can get them to germinate this early, as they need a long growing season. I’m going to follow the instructions set by Dan May in the Telegraph last weekend. Dan runs a very northerly chilli farm in Northumberland and is the founder of Trees Can’t Dance, a producer of natural chilli products.

I’m also going to experiment by making three sowings and leaving them in three different places. I’m going to put one in our airing cupboard, as Dan suggests, and for the second sowing, I’m skipping to number three of his instructions. At work, I sit next to a nice, cosy southerly facing double glazed window that is slightly shaded by the other side of our offices. And it just so happens that the window sill is above a toasty radiator.

Now for the cheeky bit…

Being in the facilities department, I’m fortunate to have access to our boiler room. These babies are flat out this time of year, and the room’s really snug, so I’m going to sneak one of my sowings in there for a few weeks…

I sowed Mr. Fothergill’s Hot Razzamatazz seeds, which are retailed as medium-hot and ideal for containers and pots, but the folks at GYO are growing everything from Ring of Fire to the infamous Dorset Naga.

If you’d like to join the Winter Chilli sowing thread, visit the extremely welcoming forums at and say hello.

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