Jan's Allotment Jobs for February

Jan’s Allotment Jobs for February

This week, a regular reader* asked me ‘Where’s your mum gone? I want to know what Jan’s doing.’

* yes, I have some of these. This makes me excited, grateful, flattered and puzzled all at the same time. But thank you. Both of you.

So, regular reader, this one’s for you. I had a lengthy phone call with Jan last night about my jobs for February. It’s not an all-embracing list of everything you can do, but this is what she said.

Get ready for broad beans
“I’ll plant you some broad beans in pots, but you’ve got make sure the ground is ready for them when I bring them over. Go and dig some manure in now. Well, not now, it’s dark, but probably this weekend. And do a block, so the plants hold themselves up.”

Weed strawberry and fruit beds
“I’ll help you weed that fruit bed. And the strawberries. I wanted to do that last time I was over, they look right scruffy. Then we can mulch it all. That might help the raspberries. Ailsa likes raspberries.”

Chit potatoes
“Perhaps we can buy the potatoes this week. We need to chit them. We can put them in your old bedroom again, there’s plenty of light in there.”

Make a frame for sweet peas
“We must make that frame for the sweet peas. I know you’ve dug the trench, so the seedlings can go in soon. But we better make it sharpish if they’re going to flower for the wedding. I can’t let Ailsa down on these.”

Sow peas, mangetout, aubergines and chillis in greenhouse
“I wouldn’t bother sowing much now, it’s still too cold I reckon. We can start some peas and mangetout in the greenhouse though. And I’ve picked up some aubergine seeds, and I’ll get some chillis too. What chillis does Ailsa like again?”

Lettuce leaves under cloche
Why don’t you try some early lettuce leaves under that cloche you bought? Put it down this weekend, and that’ll warm the soil nicely. Ailsa said she wanted some lettuce.”

Bag up compost
“We’ll bag up the compost from your bins too. Put it in some plastic bags and tie it off; that’ll finish the rotting off perfectly. You can top up your containers with it then.”

Tidy the shed
“Oh, and tidy that shed, it’s a bloody mess.”

This is by no means an exhaustive list of jobs I can do on the plot in February. For that, try We Grow Our Own’s excellent post. There are tonnes of things on there to keep yourself occupied, but I think I’ve already got plenty to be getting on with!

Thanks Jan.

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