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Introducing Real Men Sow Seed Sowing Week

Hello April!

What a fab month April is. Spring is firmly in the air and for us GYOers, seed sowing will start in earnest, whether snug in the greenhouse or out into the bare soil.

With this welcome seasonal change in mind, I thought that April was worth celebrating on the blog. I’ve designated next week as Real Men Sow Seed Sowing Week and I’ll be doing my best to put up as many tips and as much advice on seed sowing as I can.

I’ll be revisiting some old posts that I’ve found useful to check back on, as well as publishing a couple of new blog posts with tips I’ve picked up more recently.

I’ve got info lined up about sowing in pots, choosing the right sowing compost and understanding seed packets, as well as advice for beginners and tips on buying and germinating seeds.

These posts are all based on hints and help I’ve received over the past few years of running an allotment, and they’ve all worked for me. Hopefully, they’ll be useful to you too.

If you’re coming to this page late via a google search, I’ll link the posts I publish below, starting with last week’s blog, which asked how a grower decides the right time to start sowing.

So, without further ado…





Posts for Real Men Sow Seed Sowing Week

1. Spring: How Do You Decide the Right Time to Sow?

2. Seven Sowing Tips for Beginners

3. Why I Sow Everything in Pots Rather than Direct

4. Sowing in Pots: Ten Tips to Help You on Your Way

5. 8 Tips to Help Your Seeds Germinate

6. A Brief Guide to Multi-Purpose Compost

7. Vegetable Seeds to Sow in April

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