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Introducing A Patch From Scratch – A New Feature on Real Men Sow

What exactly does it take to create a patch from scratch?

I’m about to find out as I try and turn part of my garden into a productive growing area.

From clearing away the mess and preparing the soil, to making sure there’s room for a bench and deciding the best crops to grow in a small space, A Patch From Scratch aims to provide a simple, straight forward adventure in kitchen gardening.

Keeping Things Simple
Growing your own can appear daunting sometimes, and I’m hoping to show that it needn’t be that way. If a simple soul like me can clear a space in their garden and grow some delicious veg, anyone can.

As I go along, I’ll share my progress (good and bad!), tips, and upcoming tasks, so if you’re planning to start your very own patch, I’d love it if you joined me for the ride.

Still a Cheery Allotment Blog
I’ll still be blogging about my allotment too, so, for now, Real Men Sow remains a cheery allotment blog, but for the next year or so, it’ll be the home of A Patch From Scratch too.

4 thoughts on “Introducing A Patch From Scratch – A New Feature on Real Men Sow”

  1. Hello!

    We move house in a couple of weeks and our new garden has room enough for me to make a ‘patch from scratch’. The garden has been neglected for the past 6 months or so so it should be quite good fun!

    It’ll certainly make a change from growing in purpose built raised beds and pots anyway!

    Looking forward to your posts!

  2. Having created an allotment patch from a virgin field last year you have my support. My approach was to divide into beds and to deal with one at a time – made it more manageable and you felt like you had achieved something

  3. Thanks for your comments Helen and Jamie.

    I quite like the graft of clearing everything up Jamie. Do you have a twitter feed, be interested to hear how you get on too.

    Helen, think that’s my plan too. Manageable chunks, little and often. You’ve got my respect starting from a field, moving that amount of turf must have been back breaking!

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