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I’m Behind Everyone Else!

My friend Jo has had flowering courgettes for over a week now. That’ll learn me for giving her smug advice.

‘You don’t want to be putting them out that early,’ I’d told her knowingly. ‘One quick frost and they’ll be a goner’. In fact, I posted a similar thing during the royal wedding bank holiday weekend.

However, Jo stole a march on me and planted her courgettes a few weeks and quite rightly predicting that the hot weather was here to say.

Jo has been giving me no end of the stick at work over this. Every day since that flower showed itself I’ve been reminded. Hmmph.

(Update: Jo’s just sent me a picture of her plant. It is massive.)

Louisa over at the Really Good Life has little baby courgettes forming already too, as well as a couple of baby cucumbers. I only put my squash, cues, and courgettes in a couple of weeks ago, so while Jo and Louisa are munching on their first courgettes, I’ll still be willing mine to flower!

Broad Beans
I’ve noticed that this isn’t the only veg I’m running behind on. My broad beans look good, but Emma at Losing the Plot and Helen the Patient Gardener are already tucking into their broadies.

My plan for early carrots has been a disappointment, and for some reason, the toilet roll sowings took an age to grow, and then stopped dead. So, you can imagine my disgruntlement when Ronnie posted this picture of two perfect early carrots last Wednesday on her blog Hurtling Towards 60 and Beyond.

Strangely, the dry weather has not affected my carrot germination as it has done in previous years. When my toilet roll plan struggled, I put a row each of Early Nantes and Autumn King, and they’ve already come up. Be interesting to see if they actually overtake my early toilet roll sowing.

Peas and Mangetout
And then there’s peas and mangetout. Mary at Maryom’s Garden picked her first peas in May, while Helen and Ronnie have also been feasting on peas and mangetout. Best of all though, are iGrowVeg’s Tracey’s beautiful purple mangetout.

I’ve at least got an excuse for my slow pea-ing – my early sowings were doing well until the slugs and snails had them. I’ve got a few mangetouts coming on my garden sowing (pictured), so hopefully, I can catch up.

Restoring My Pride With Strawbs
I’m not behind on everything though, and my veg growing pride has been restored by all the kind comments made about my strawberry crop. I’ve been picking since May, and this week filled my boots with a personal best harvest of 1.3kg. So far this year, I’ve picked over 6kg, which is by far my heaviest haul ever.

For the first time, I’ve had enough to make jam too, which has to be the best I have tasted. This sudden burst of rain has kept them going, and increased their size.

Of course, it’s not a race, and with a bit of luck I’ll get plenty of tasty veg over the next few weeks, but it is fascinating to see where everyone else is up to, especially through their blogs. I love reading everyone’s progress in different parts of the country, their good crops and their bad ones, and what we’re all growing.

If you’re reading this, keep up the good work. Just don’t leave me behind!

5 thoughts on “I’m Behind Everyone Else!”

  1. I love your honest blog Jono. So good to have someone ‘tell it how it is’ successes and failures alike. Somehow I can learn far more from this than from descriptions of yet more perfection, which can make me feel a fraud for even calling myself a gardener!

    I’m usually behind with everything too and especially with the tender stuff this year because I also err on the side of caution. This year has made me think maybe I’ll grow double the number of plants in future and risk sticking half of them in early, knowing that they’ll probably perish but if they don’t I’ll get an early harvest. Well maybe just the things I only need 2 or 3 plants for, like courgettes and cucumbers.

    Would love to know how people get the earliest peas!

  2. Ooo harvest envy – I get this every year. I’ve been reading blogs where tomatoes are being harvested! Seriously? I’ve got only 2 so far and they’re both smaller than 2cm in diameter…
    I’m impressed with your strawberry yield – I’ve had just under 500g so far, but I don’t think I have enough plants to allow for jam making. That’s reminded me – better get outside and give them a feed.

  3. I’m doing rubbish this year too! No broad beans, my runners seem to have stopped, only got the squash and courgettes (some of them) planted out last saturday, tomatoes seem to have gone funny, and my cukes arent doing an awful lot…

    I did dig up a suprise spring onion on Saturday though! LOL

  4. Hi Alison – thanks for your kind comment. I think stuff going wrong is all part of having an allotment and working out what does well and what doesn’t. Trouble is, I find that a lot of that has no rhyme or reason!

    I got some early peas doing okay by germinating them under a pane of glass. Sadly, the slugs got them.

    Hi Jules – tomato, already?? That’s incredible. Must have been a big, big gamble putting them out so early.

    JB – Jealous of the spring onion lol.

  5. I’m behind with my courgetts too. They seem to be still sat there sulking about being in the nasty cool allotment after growing up in the cozy warmth of the greenhouse. They look healthy enough but just refuse to actually get bigger and flower. 🙂

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