spring on the plot

I’m Back, and Spring Has Sprung on the Plot!

Wahey, I’m back in the free world!

Exams are a whole lot more intense than I remember. But I survived, and fingers crossed for a pass come May…

In the meantime, Spring seems to have sprung all around me. There are daffs in the front garden and the new season crab at the local market.

And there’s rhubarb in my fruit bed…

spring has sprung on the plot

There is still a long way to go before I can harvest some of those tasty stems, but it’s a welcome and exciting sign that the seasons are changing. It won’t be long before I can start knocking up some of my favourite rhubarb recipes.

Broad Beans
Elsewhere on the patch, my overwintered broad beans are doing well. I have taken off the protective cloche and left them to the elements, but the young plants have survived the frosts.

I’ve tied the broadies up to bamboo canes for support, and I must admit, I’m well chuffed with them. Germination back in November was good, and they’re neatly spaced and healthy. There is definitely something very satisfying about a tidy row of seedlings.

The AcrylliCloches have done a grand job of protecting the seedlings through the winter, and I’d definitely recommend a couple for your patch or allotment.

In my greenhouse, I’ve sown mangetout in pots, which have mostly germinated. I’m trying Carouby de Maussane after recommendations from some nice readers and Twitter peeps. I’ve sown enough to go up a wigwam, as this variety grows to a height of 6ft, making them perfect for this type of structure.

spring sprouts

My Autumn fruiting raspberry canes are spreading all over the place, and seem to have taken a liking to the greenhouse. They’re running underneath the greenhouse and poking up all over the soil inside. I don’t really know what to do with them – it would be a waste to just discard them, even though they’re in the way, so I might try and train the canes against the glass and just see what happens.

Apparently, if left to their own devices and not cut back in February, the canes provide an early crop. Watch this space…

Plot Planning!
The one thing I do need to do is catch up on writing my plot plan. Normally I get this licked in January, but the plan has passed me by this year. I’ve written a loose list of what I want to grow but I need to work out how I’m going to fit them all into the beds.

So I’ve been out with my tape measure checking the space again, and now I’ve got my evenings back will be drawing myself a nice scale plan.

Happy Spring. 🙂

2 thoughts on “I’m Back, and Spring Has Sprung on the Plot!”

  1. My raspberries started invading the greenhouse last year. I just left them to it, tied them up and had much earlier berries than on the outdoors ones.

  2. Your picture looks very similar to my rhubarb right now and I can’t wait to harvest it.
    I noticed on gardeners world this week it was suggested to cover your rhubarb and force it for early harvesting, I’m not keen on the idea and don’t want to put pressure on the plant, what are your thoughts Jono?

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