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I Really Don’t Like Wind (Grump Alert)

It’s been a windy week or so here in Essex. Well, it’s been a windy week or so for most of Great Britain. Windier in fact.

This weather has served one purpose: to make me realise how much I dislike wind. The wind really annoys me, more than any other kind of weather.

I can handle the rain. Yes, rain is miserable and turns the bike trails I ride from dry and zippy to slow and slippy. And yes, it ruins camping weekends and holidays alike. However, I also know that nothing on my plot grows without it, and a lovely drop of rain is always very welcome in this dry part of England.

I just wish I could turn it on and off.

I like frost too. I know frost kills little, delicate plants and can strike just when I think the risk has gone. Frost causes great faffing about and worry, moving plants in and out during cold nights, but a frosty morning is a real picture-perfect moment.

And some veg just doesn’t have the same taste unless without it. Parsnips and sprouts, for example, are much sweeter after a good frost.

I don’t even mind snow, even though I can’t think of anything positive that snow does to an allotment. Snow looks pretty and is lots of fun, I guess, and generally speaking, the white stuff arrives when there isn’t much left to kill on the plot anyway. So I’ll let snow off.

Of course, you can’t really get wound up by the sun. Sun makes everyone smile and helps everything to grow. I don’t think you can necessarily have too much of a good thing where the sun is concerned, just so long as we get some rain too. Lots of sun, a bit of rain equals cracking crop.

But wind, I just can’t take to it. I’m sure if you’re a sailor then wind’s great, and I know a stroll along the beach is not the same without a stiff breeze, but for me, it just makes everything so much harder.

The wind blows over old sheds and batters weak little seedlings. It tosses bags and compost bin lids into next door’s plot and makes me screw my face up when I try and work in a strong blow. I worry about my tall veg, like the kale and Brussels.

Riding my bike is rubbish in the wind too, and it makes a racket coming down my chimney during the night.

Harumph. Bugger off wind! You have no redeeming features.

Apart from maybe windmills. I do like a windmill.

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  1. I normally love the wind, but it blew my climbing rose off my fence. My mum bought us the rose when we moved in 5 years ago and its one of my favourite plants. I am therefore officially not talking to the wind.

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