How to Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

How to Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

Coffee Grounds

Why should you use Coffee Grounds in your Garden?

Should we use coffee grounds in our garden? There is still a heavy debate in the gardening community about the usage of coffee grounds in gardens. To resolve this mystery, this blog will give sensible tips where disposed coffee grounds are indeed effective and useful for your plants. Coffee shops often throw away these valuable coffee grounds before handing them to any resourceful gardener. Find out some of the effective ways to use them in your favor.

Serve them as Mulch

You can use Coffee Grounds as mulch once you’ve mixed them with compost of leaf mold. You may also rake your coffee grounds so they can’t clump together and stop water from going to your plants. Some say coffee grounds are acidic, however, it may vary from case to case. So it’s best not to rely on them when you’re planning to acidify higher pH soil.

Coffee Grounds as Fertiliser

Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, some potassium and phosphorus, therefore, they can be used as fertilizers. However, the nutrients in them may vary so they’re often used as a slow-release fertilizer. 

You can simply sprinkle the coffee grounds to your soil or add them to your compost heap. Adding them to your compost means that you’d have to add more dried leaves, newspaper, or woody prunings in order to balance them out. It’s best to add them to your compost heap since your worms would process them better.

Coffee Grounds To Grow Mushrooms

Used coffee grounds provide a perfect environment for mushrooms to grow. It is a great indoor garden project, give it a try at home!

Be careful with Dogs

It’s advised that dog-owner gardeners should rather put their coffee grounds in their compost heap instead of spreading them around the garden directly. It is due to the fact that coffee grounds can be harmful to pets in large doses. By adding them to your compost heap it would have been processed by your worms before using them in your garden.

What was your experience in using coffee grounds in the garden? Share it to us through the comments!


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