How to Save Tomato Seeds? From Planting to Harvest

Tomato cut in half

It might be unusual to save tomato seeds when they are so tiny, even though it’s quite an economical way to grow tomato plants from them. Collecting a few ripe fruits that are free from cracks or bug holes is the first step in saving the seeds. Make sure that the crops are grown apart. Wash the tomatoes and cut them through the middle. The following are the best ways to save tomato seeds:

Best Ways to Save Tomato Seeds

Clean Saved Tomato Seeds with Fermentation

The gelatinous sac that surrounds each tomato seed inhibits germination. Fermentation is done to clean the seeds. Allow the mixture of tomato gel and water at room temperature for 24 hours to let the gel slough off. The big seeds at the bottom of the container should be rinsed well in a strainer. Dry your seeds on a paper plate until they feel dry and papery. They should crack when you fold them in half with tweezers. Your tomato seeds would stay viable for 4 to 6 years when you store them in cool and dry storage.

Dry The Tomato Seeds 

Pick out the large tomato seeds and dry them on a paper plate, seed discs, coffee filter, paper towel, or toilet tissue. The material where you’ll dry your seeds should be enough to fit your seed trays.  Doing this process will make your seeds viable for only a year or two.

How to Sow the Seeds

The spot you should grow your tomatoes next rotation should be a place in your garden where you haven’t grown tomatoes in for at least 3 years. The space where it becomes vacant will become your seed reservoir. Bury cut tomatoes or tomato gel, covering them with 5cm of soil. In spring, stir the place then cover with cloche. Your tomato seedlings will appear. Once your tomatoes are fully grown and harvested, make sure you also try how to preserve tomatoes too!

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