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How Much Money Can Growing Your Own Save Me? October Update

And so, British Winter Time arrives and my harvests are dwindling.

However, I did still manage £44.38 in produce, via 34 harvests at an average of £1.31 per picking.

These figures were propped up by decent tomato, beetroot, and squash harvests during the month. I picked the last 3kg of my tomatoes before pulling the plants up, which was worth a tidy £12.26 and bringing my total tomato savings to nearly £50.

In September, I vowed to eat more beetroot and set up my own Beetroot Week to make sure I did this. Between the 8th and 14th of September, we ate 2kg of beets, worth £7.24. As much as I love beetroot, that was enough for even me, and we only used 438g for the rest of the month!

I tried some exciting and tasty recipes though – the American Style Beetroot pie (pictured) was certainly interesting…

There are still plenty of beetroots in the ground at the plot, and hopefully, they’ll be content to sit there for a few more weeks.

Got stuck into some of my squash harvests too. Squashes are one of the best veg to grow for so many different reasons, and we used 4kg from the store this month, worth £6.69. Need to slow down though, as they’ll be required over the winter. I’m already one more down as I swapped it for some leeks with my friend Sarah at the local farmers market.

I started picking the oriental salads; mibuna, green in snow, and serifon. Only two harvests so far, worth 82p, but there will hopefully lot more to come from these hardy leaves.

Tough Winter Ahead?
As I blogged recently, I reckon I might have a tough winter ahead, but the final two months of my experiment should see some parsnips, Autumn King carrots, perpetual spinach, and a lot more kale now the whitefly is finally dying off.

I also put a late, late row of pak choi in which are really benefiting from the mild temperatures in this corner of the country, and at £6.25 a kilo, I’m really looking forward to adding them to my spreadsheet!

You can have an in-depth look at my progress by clicking here to view the 2011 Veg Savings Spreadsheet working version. Please feel free to download it, and let me know how you get on.

If you’d like to read my previous monthly updates, click here.

2 thoughts on “How Much Money Can Growing Your Own Save Me? October Update”

  1. Jono, I feel like a true nerd – I actually downloaded your spreadsheet! and then I instantly felt like an envious, admiring nerd as well! wow, so much fruit and veg over the course of a year, so lovingly tended. Makes me want to vow to renew my back-garden efforts and sow some mibuna/mizuna/winter greens in pots (flower bed full of leeks! low effort..)

  2. haha, Hi Maria. It iis quite satisfying looking back at all the harvests, almost more so than the savings column.

    Mind you, I’d swap any of it for some leeks. I’ve lost all of them.

    Definitely recommend the winter greens, they’re a real breath of fresh air during the winter. Lovely and peppery.

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