November update

How Much Money Can Growing Your Own Save Me? November Update

And so the seasonal decline continues. During November I harvested produce worth £31.32, averaging 85p over the 37 individual pickings. This is my fourth-smallest harvest value of the year so far.

My cash crops have long gone, and winter veg doesn’t seem to command anywhere near as high a price. For example, I’ve helped myself to 1.1kg of potatoes this month, but at only £1.35 a kilo, I saved just £1.54.

Contrasting with the summer months, the same weight of tomatoes saved me £4.40 and strawberries an incredible £9.16.

Beetroot is probably my biggest saver at the mo. It’s still keeping okay in the ground, and November saw me pick 2.25kg worth a healthy £7.86.

I did get a great return from one of my three hardy pak choi. I treated myself to the biggest plant in a stir fry, worth £4 all by itself.

Picking Patterns
It is interesting to monitor how picking patterns change now the clocks have gone back and the gates shut at dark. I can’t always get down to the plot to harvest, so have to plan ahead. This Sunday I harvested spinach, carrots, beets, salad leaves, my first parsnip, cavolo nero, curly kale, and all of my allotment sweet potatoes in one go (pictured). That little lot saved me £8.95.

From the Store
Another interesting factor is how stored veg has started to contribute. A couple more squashes in November saved me £3, on top of the 4 squashes at a total of £6.69 during October.

I’ve also used plenty of onions too: 8 at 32p each saved me £2.56.

Sadly, I’ve got no leeks to bolster my savings this winter, but I’ve got some more pak choi, sprouts, and a few decent parsnips to come in time for Christmas, as well as more sweet potatoes and lots of squashes.

Total Profit So Far
At the end of my penultimate month, I’m registering a profit of £417 for the year so far, which I’m over the moon with, especially given that I’ve not really pushed my plot that hard this year and am only growing for me and Ailsa.

You can have an in-depth look at my progress by clicking here to view the 2011 Veg Savings Spreadsheet working version. Please feel free to download it, and let me know how you get on.

If you’d like to read my previous monthly updates, click here.

I can’t believe I’m heading into the last month of my experiment, the year really has flown by. I’ll be rounding everything up in January, so please check back for my grand total.

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