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How Much Money Can Growing Your Own Save Me? December Update

The final month of my GYO savings experiment has now been and gone, and I’ve now officially hung my scales up.

I made 28 harvests during December, worth a total of £28.50, so nearly a quid a pop.

This total was propped up by a lovely, late £3.70 pak choi, two squashes at £3.99, and 1.3kg of beetroot, worth £4.75.

Beetroot Still in the Ground
My beets have kept really well just sat in the ground this year, and not got woody at all, meaning fresh roots for most 2011 and no need for any pickling. Guess it must be the mild winter so far.

I also pulled the remainder of my parsnip crop. I harvested 756g in total, worth £2.27. I was slightly disappointed as this crop, but persevere with parsnips I shall.

Baby Caulis
My cauliflower success rate was also disappointing, with only 3 out of 10 plants coming to anything. Picked a couple of little ones to the tune of £2.34, which although not monsters, tasted lovely and together added up to one nice big one.

Winter Salads
For me, the main highlight of December has been my winter salads. The leaves only saved me £1.85 for 327g, but it’s such a treat to have fresh salad leaves at this time of year. The mixture of green in snow, mibuna, and serifon is now beginning to go to seed, but the row of pure mibuna (pictured) is firing on all cylinders and the best winter salad crop I’ve ever had.

I’m planning to take part in Veg Plotting’s all year round salad challenge, so will be planting plenty of mibunas again in the summer. If you haven’t tried this deliciously peppery leaf, I couldn’t recommend it enough.

The Results
And so, my experiment on how much money I can save growing my own fruit and veg has now come to an end. I made my first harvest of 2012 yesterday, and it felt a little peculiar not to have weighed my veg and added it to the spreadsheet. It’ll be nice to just go back to grabbing and cooking though, and not worrying too much about failures.

I’ll be reviewing my findings over the next couple of weeks, so if this experiment has been of interest to you, please stay tuned.

You can have an in-depth look at my progress by clicking here to view the 2011 Veg Savings Spreadsheet working version. Please feel free to download it, and let me know how you get on.

If you’d like to read my previous monthly updates, click here.

2 thoughts on “How Much Money Can Growing Your Own Save Me? December Update”

  1. Hi Jono

    Good to see you’re enjoying a rest from the scales. It does get a touch laborious after a while. (I’m having a break from them, too.)

    Much looking forward to seeing your overall results when you get the chance.


  2. I think a fruit as they seem to be more spensive in the shops… I picked Loads and loads of Rhubarb and Gooseberries this year! so Im plumping for one of these!

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