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Happy New Year and Festive Garden Clearance

After just over a month at our new Somerset home, I got out in the garden in between Christmas and New Year and made some mess. I’d previously given a brief overview of my plans for garden clearance and veg patch creation and joined by my ever industrious mum, we began by removing this humongous pampas grass (3-year-old actual size).

After much initial head-scratching and frowning, we set about the grass with a hedge cutter, pickaxe, and rake, and by lunchtime, we gave it a serious haircut. The plant was soft in the middle, which made life much easier, and we packed up just before dusk with all but a small chunk of root left. It never ceases to amaze me how much two people can get done in a garden in just a day.

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A number of tweeps had said that they’d set fire to out of control pampas grasses, but this one was quite rotten underneath the new growth, and given the size, I was worried that it might burn forever (not the best way to endear yourselves to new neighbours…). Instead, we began by trimming right back with the hedge cutter and then hacking into the root with the pickaxe and using the tool to lever up loosened root clumps. I certainly got out of bed gingerly the following morning but oh, the satisfaction of achy muscles after a decent day in the garden, especially after days of sitting around scoffing rich food!

new year garden clearance

Having my allotment sidekick with me again was also a lovely feeling. Mum’s had a tough year, but decided to follow us to Somerset, and moved nearby the week before Christmas. Our time together on the allotment was always special, and it’s great to have her here for the next adventure. Welcome, mum. 🙂

Day 2 was a solo affair, and I set about removing some of the overgrown trees and plants behind the pampas. This is where I’m planning to put my raised beds, but has been a dumping ground and forgotten space for previous inhabitants. I only got a couple of hours in, but the day was beautifully sunny, frosty, and crisp and I cleared a few square feet. There is so much more to do that I’m wondering if having beds ready for this spring might be optimistic, but at least I can now see what I’ve got to do.

Time to talk to the neighbours and see if I can pop a skip on their driveway for a weekend…

Garden and Blog in 2017
The first few months of 2017 is going to a period of graft, so I’m not going to set myself any new year targets as I’m not sure how much I’ve bitten off right now! My loose plan is clear the area and builds raised beds, but I reckon these won’t be finished until summer. That won’t stop me putting fruit bushes in, and if I’m smart with planning there’s a chance I could get some winter veg planted too. Small steps and all that.

Blog wise, I’m hoping to get back into more regular posting once we finally have Internet installed. I’ve also been working on an exciting side project over the past few months, which I’ll be able to talk more about soon. That’s nearing a conclusion, so with a little luck, I’ll be back posting weekly once more.

As always, thanks for reading and a very Happy New Year to all. May all your soil be fertile and your harvests bountiful.

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  1. Gardening is the best thing one can do. Some people don’t go on vacations because they have to water the plant. Such is the connection between the people and plants. Thanks for the article.

  2. Removing plants is so much faster than growng them! Even if that does result in a few aches and pains. Good start to the year Jono. I reckon you’ll have at least some of the raised beds in before the summer. Good luck! JJ

  3. Good luck for the new year. Been put on to you blog via G.Y.O. and will be pleased to read it weekly when you’re up and running especially as it’s Somerset.

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